Who know how many trillions of dollars have been spent globally just on TELESCOPES ALONE?  Not to mention all the other space vehicles, stations, launch pads, crews, maintenance, staff, experiments, training programs, etc.  I don’t think there is any OVERSIGHT over all of this nonsense.  I don’t even think there is any one group who really has a complete picture of all the “SPACE” Projects and their related expenses, or the reason for their existence and whether or not there is any real justification for them.

I KNOW for a fact that ALL of this is useless, and a waste of time and money.  We will never really know what they are doing with all this, but I have a very strong sense that they are using it for our destruction whether intentionally or unintentionally.

They are using SMOKE and MIRRORS from above and below to deceive us.  I know that most people would find that hard to believe.  It is never the less the truth.  There are so many aspects to their activities  that no one person could follow it all or comprehend it all.  I am not a rocket scientist or a physicist thank GOD.  But, it does not take a college degree to discern what is happening.  Afterall, in the final analysis all of it has a spiritual root.  Spiritual things are discerned spiritually.   All one needs is the Holy Spirit to uncover ALL TRUTH.

Scientists just love to play.  They are maniacs driven to push the envelope farther and farther with no concern for the dangers.  They are also driven to raise money.  They have to keep justifying their existence.  So they sell the investors and the public all on kinds of BULLSHIT reasons why we need to pay for what they are doing.  They are filling our skies with all manner of energy and playing around with it to create their desired effects.  They think they are in control.  THEY ARE WRONG on TWO COUNTS.  One, they have no idea what will happen when the experiment.  They don’t really care what kind of repercussions or side effects they are creating.  and the TRUTH is that GOD is in CONTROL.  HE WILL put an end to this madness.  In the meantime, he protects those who belong to HIM.

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