Waves, Rays and Energy Beams what are they really Up To?

If all the craziness around you is starting to sound too much like Star Trek it is not by mistake.  The ruling elite have been working their plan for hundreds, no thousands of years.  In their mind, it does not matter if it is fulfilled in their lifetime, they are focused on the end result.  Sadly for us, we are at the end.  They have been programming the masses to accept the new world they have been building.  
They have used the education system, the entertainment world and the “scientific” community to brainwash you into accepting their version of reality.  I did not say version of truth…because there is ONLY ONE TRUTH.  There cannot and never will be any other version of the TRUTH.  Truth is not relative!! 
They have in most recent times, focused our attention on what is beyond our grasp in more ways than one.  There is NO way to EVER prove anything beyond our atmosphere.  There is a barrier that keeps us from it.  The ruling class know this.  What lies beyond our atmosphere is the spiritual realm.  

ANYONE who believes that they can send equipment hundreds or more lightyears away to send back pictures in real time of what is happening in space, is a FOOL!   My goodness people, they can’t even keep the TV, phones, or computer online hear on earth!!   WAKE UP!

They want you to believe that you could travel into space.  Yet even Dr. Michao Kaku admits, the only way to send folks out into the universe is as bits in computers.  There are no Wookies waiting for you to come and venture with them.  Dr. Spock and friends only live in your imagination. 

THEIR ENTIRE PURPOSE in all of it was to turn you from TRUTH/GOD and get you to accept DEMONS/LIES.

It is all HocusPocus, Smoke and Mirrors, Spells and Incantations.  Don’t believe me?  Hopefully by the time you view this series of posts…YOU WILL!! 
So put on your smart panties, and/or don your thinking caps… never mind those are both a bad idea.  Just open your heart and mind to truth.  Ask GOD to reveal it to you and let us take a look.  

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Greek Letter - Gamma | Free Stencil Gallery Gamma symbol copy - kies zelf Gamma Symbol Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Surely you did not fail to recognize the symbol used to promote “awareness”.

The Gamma Symbol is actually the center of all their agenda.  How cleverly that managed to get millions of people to wear it over their heart!

It started out with cancer awareness but now this symbol is used for awareness of all kinds.  Including autism, violence, diabetes, veterans, etc..

You can find this symbol everywhere!  Though most are not aware of its true meaning…the symbol still represents its original root.

The first Gamma symbol in this series contains several masonic/ witchcraft/ satanic  symbols.  1) The Triangle, 2) the yin and yang  3) the Flur de Lis.  The next two symbols contain the symbol for nuclear power/energy/accident.  All three contain the single eye/all seeing eye.

What are Gamma Rays? – NASA

Gamma rays are a form of light. All light travels in waves and is classified according to its wavelength, the distance between its waves. The universe produces a broad range of light, only a fraction of which is visible to our eyes. Other types of nonvisible light include x-rays, ultraviolet light, infrared radiation, and radio waves.

For more information visit the Easy Biology Class at the link below:

Link: Difference between Alpha, Beta and Gamma Rays – Comparison Table

Physicists Create Mini Gamma-Ray Burst in the Lab

Jan 24, 2018 by News Staff / Source

An international team of physicists has created the first small-scale replica of gamma ray bursts in a laboratory, opening up a whole new way to investigate the properties of these mysterious flashes of intense high-energy radiation that appear from random directions in space. The results are published in the journal Physical Review Letters (arXiv.org preprint).

This artist’s impression shows a gamma-ray burst in a star forming region. Image credit: L. Calçada / ESO.



This illustration shows the ingredients of the most common type of gamma-ray burst. The core of a massive star (left) has collapsed, forming a black hole that sends a jet moving through the collapsing star and out into space at near the speed of light. Radiation across the spectrum arises from hot ionized gas in the vicinity of the newborn black hole, collisions among shells of fast-moving gas within the jet, and from the leading edge of the jet as it sweeps up and interacts with its surroundings. Image credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.


Better hold onto your hats folks and if you have nothing else but GOD… you are in a GREAT PLACE.  When we have nothing but GOD to hold onto…we suddenly find THAT HE IS ALL WE NEED!!   THINGS are about to break into full gear, GOT JESUS?  I pray that you do and that you fully understand what that encompasses!

First full-scale hybrid floating wind and wave energy platform bound for Canary Islands

floating power plant offshore wind
Image: Floating Power Plant

Danish renewable energy technology company Floating Power Plant has secured a location to deploy its first full-scale hybrid floating wind and wave platform at test facilities off the coast of the Canary Islands in Spain.

Floating Power Plant (FPP) has built a floating platform that plays host to both a single wind turbine and a wave power device.

Each platform is able to accommodate a wind turbine measuring from 4MW all the way up to the industry leading 15MW, and also supports between 1MW and 4MW of wave power, depending on the local wave resources.

Anchored using standard turret mooring technology commonly used by the oil & gas industry, the platform is able to rotate 360-degrees in order to face the incoming waves.

FPP has tested its product using the P37 prototype, which is the only wave and wind device in the world to have produced joint power to the grid in a real-world offshore environment.

FPP has also worked with French-American oil & gas company TechnipFMC to develop a solution that integrates hydrogen production, to utilise excess power to produce hydrogen via electrolysis which can then be stored and later used to generate power via fuel cells when there is too little wind or wave generation.

Fragments of energy – not waves or particles – may be the fundamental building blocks of the universe

on December 6, 2021 at 2:05 amField theory describes the universe as energy flowing along unending lines. With this perspective, it is possible to define a new fundamental. Matter is what makes up the universe, but what makes up …

Fourth Wave Energy Inc. Signs Merger Agreement to Acquire EdgeMode

on December 6, 2021 at 3:00 amFourth Wave Energy, Inc. or the (“Company”), (OTCQB: FWAV) announced today, that the Company has executed an agreement under which it will acquire EdgeMode in a reverse triangular merger. The ..

Carnegie’s wave energy technology may get gig in Scotland and Spain

on December 7, 2021 at 6:34 pmCarnegie Clean Energy’s Australian wave energy technology selected to compete in round one of a program designed to advance global wave power industry.