X is for Secrecy, Danger, and The End.

I now how people love to see all the pictures from space and hear all the stories of the wonders that James Webb has discovered.  DAILY we see reports that James Webb is completely shattering everything we know about our Universe. Makes for great press.  People eat it up.  BUT IT IS SOLID BULLSHIT.  All … Click Here to Read More

Eras of Swift

UPDATE: 5/25/23 Our world is going to HELL in a handbasket. Sadly it seems that the majority of the people in it are willingly and happily participating in bringing it down.  Choices, this life is all about choices.  We are living in the days of the GREAT DECEPTION.  The Devil is a liar and the … Click Here to Read More

Waves, Rays and Energy Beams what are they really Up To?

If all the craziness around you is starting to sound too much like Star Trek it is not by mistake.  The ruling elite have been working their plan for hundreds, no thousands of years.  In their mind, it does not matter if it is fulfilled in their lifetime, they are focused on the end result.  … Click Here to Read More


TAGS:  Epstein, Pedophilia, Cosmic Race, Stars, Light, New Age, Beatles, Mind Control, Slavery, GAGA, Serpent, EGG This JEFFERY EPSTEIN story must not be allowed to fade away.  Why?  Because it is about so much more than one six pedophile, or even a worldwide syndicate of six pedophiles.  The Epstein story is so much more than … Click Here to Read More