The following video is heart breaking.  No animal should suffer the kind of abuse in this video.  Though pigs are nasty animals, they were created the way they are for a purpose.  Because they eat ANYTHING…they are God’s garbage disposal.  Animals like the pig are designed to help keep the earth clean.
We should NEVER be cruel to any animals.  Understand, WE ARE NOT ANIMALS and God placed the animals here for us.  He commanded us to eat meat.  But, He also commanded us on the proper way to kill the animals we eat.  There is to be no cruelty, EVER.  
WE should treat all of God’s Creation with respect.  Not reverence, veneration or worship.  But, with respect and care.  

Pigs Burned Alive in China: How Farms are Killing Pigs … – Kinder World

This new video of pigs being burned alive was filmed in China in December 2018. This is how some pig farms in china are killing pigs when there is a breakdown. Can you believe this is how we treat our fellow beings?

Helpless pigs are thrown alive into a mass grave. They scream desperately even before they are burned alive, trying to survive as their fellow pigs are dumped on top of them.

Burning and burying pigs alive is standard practice for killing pigs whenever there is a fear of virus infection in China. Such infections are common in crowded and filthy animal factories around the world. In this specific case, the pigs carried the African swine fever virus (ASFV), so the farm burned them alive prior to burying them.

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Wild pigs are so extremely dangerous.  I live in Texas and there are wild hogs all over, even in the city.  They are extremely mean and vicious!  They can and will eat anything and anyone.  
The wild hogs in this video are tiny compared to size of the full grown ones in Texas.  They are monsters.