Will No One Stand to Save the Children? – Part 5 of 6 – Child “Protective” Services


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The reason that GOD set up the family as the first established government was to protect us from tyranny.  GOD set up the household based on his design which is perfect.  The Father as the head, fully submitted to GOD who is the covering.  Man was designed to be the provider and protector.  Everything about him is perfectly suited to the role he was given.  The female is designed to be the nurturer and supporter.  She nurtures her husband as well as the children.  She provides the warm and comforting environment for the growth of the family.  NO ONE COULD EVER love the children the way they are loved by their parents.  

I love ALL children.  I think they are fabulous and I adore being around them.  However, when I had children of my own, something changed inside me.  Suddenly my sense of responsibility was heightened.  There is something that happens to you when you create a life.  For someone else’s child you can feel protective and nurturing, but it is different when it is your own.  The bond between parent and child is unbelievably strong and compelling.  NO ONE will ever protect your child like you do.  NO ONE will ever provide for them in such a self sacrificing manner.

The story of King Solomon (the wise) and the two women who were fighting over an infant clearly denotes the relationship between a parent and their own child.

Two single mothers were sharing a room, and each gave birth to a baby boy at about the same time. During the night, one of the mothers had accidentally turned over and smothered her son. When she awoke early and saw her child was cold and still, the distraught woman took her roommate’s sleeping baby to herself and laid her dead baby in its place. Later the other mother awoke, saw the dead baby, and began to wail with grief. But after examining the infant, she quickly realized that it was not her child. Across the room, she could see her roommate tightly clutching her baby.

Now both women stood before the king, tugging for possession of the living infant. “This child is mine!” one shouted.

“No, the dead baby was yours!” the other countered.

How would the king determine which was the true mother? Solomon interrupted their debate and told a guard to take a sword and divide the living infant in two. At first the soldier thought the king was jesting, but Solomon began to glare at the guard’s hesitation. Slowly he drew his sharp, gleaming sword and made his way toward the woman holding the baby. Suddenly the true mother threw herself at the king’s feet and pleaded,?”Let her have the child, but please do not slay it!” But the other woman said, “Let it be neither mine nor thine, but divide it.” Now Solomon knew without a doubt who was the true mother.                                                                              Source: Amazing Facts


Philly’s foster care system comes under fire at three-hour hearing on child abuse reporting rules
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The world does not care about anyone but themselves!  The family is the only safe place for a child.  No one will ever love and care for a child  like their own parents.  ANY system designed to intervene on behalf of a child who is neglected or abused, MUST be geared toward helping that family overcome the issues that are preventing the family from functioning properly.  Removing a child from their family should ONLY be a LAST RESORT, after every other option has been exhausted. IT SHOULD NOT BE THE FIRST RESPONSE.  If a child must be removed, it should only be a temporary solution.  The final goal should be reuniting the family.  

In the foster care system, a child is just a number.  There is no blood connection, no real and compelling emotional connection to these children.  More importantly there is no spiritual connection.  When these children act out because of fear, frustration or abuse, if they become loud, aggressive, unruly or out of control; there is NO love or tenderness that will rise to prevent those who have been given charge of them from responding in anger and violence.  IF the people who have charge over them are perverted or corrupt, there is NOTHING to stop them from abusing these children, or allowing others to do so.  These children are HELPLESS!!  With NO ONE to defend them.  

God is the one who gives life.  He places us in families.  The State does not have the right to remove children from families.  Once a child is taken by CPS they make it nearly impossible for the parents to meet their demands in order to recover their children. When the family fails to meet those demands by a certain deadline, their rights are FOREVER denied.  They can no longer recover their child no matter what they do, or how much the change themselves or their circumstances.  Parental rights are severed FOREVER!!  That is insane.  Who gave the government or CPS the RIGHT to take away a parents right to their child????

This Article is not about Parents’ rights or God’s design, it is about the “Child Protective System” that is currently destroying children and families.  I have personally experienced this system from all angles.  I can promise you that it is more corrupt than you will ever allow yourself to imagine.  The system is broken and it needs to be trashed!



Mar 2, 2022

Some of the top news stories in February 2022 demonstrating WHY we should not allow a for-profit child protection corporation to have any permission to remove children from their bio parents, unless an actual crime has been committed. Most law abiding Americans are unaware that all children remain unsafe, and are subject to removal by a system that denies due process rights to all its citizens. It is an unconstitutional system that benefits tremendously with Title IVe financial incentives for the permanent removal of children, and it’s a system which takes no accountability for the heinous crimes occurring against these helpless kids once they are in state’s care. Most are unaware that if your child is removed, it will often be without proof of ANY wrongdoing, and you should expect that soon you will never be able to see your child again. Attorneys will not help. Taking their recommended classes will not help. Each state has quotas by every October to have a certain number of children removed in order to be able to receive their federal funding under Title IVe. Since 1997, the American Safe Families Act accelerated the process of breaking up families and ensuring the children were NOT given to relatives. Pedophiles are lining up in droves to take advantage of this great opportunity of getting the kids away from protective family members. Did you know that the state will pay just about anyone to take your children, once they are snatched? Local police are used to assist the private child protection corporations with the removal of beloved healthy kids. It has been learned that if children come from strong healthy families they are easier to adopt. The damaged ones are often left in their homes, but they are useful to garner public support for the need to keep removing children. These little victims provide useful statistics. Once children are removed they tend to disappear. Their names and social security numbers are changed, and they become invisible within the system. The modern day young slaves cease to exist, as state’s liability takes precedence over the “good of the child”. This is the reason for “The Kidnapping Chronicles”.



https://www.facebook.com/groups/DRPhilexposecps/permalink/958637561014094/ VIDEO EXPOSES CHILD TRAFFICKING, CHILD ABUSE, CHILD NEGLECT.

1000 Missing Foster Kids

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Patrick Howley, Reporter for The National File, details how CPS is being weaponized and how he has received push back from voices on the right after breaking the scoop.
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1 year, 4 months ago
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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 1, 2020 at 9:44 A.M.

On October 14, 2019 the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force reported 2,100 children were rescued by U.S. Marines from underground bases in California.

The children were rescued during night raids conducted by U.S. Marines using night vision at five different locations in California.

The military had PG&E cut the power in advance.

The children were held in hell-on-earth conditions of Biblical proportions.

My source, who I will refer to as Pentagon 1, referenced movies such as It, The Matrix, Back to the Future, and The Wizard of Oz to describe the insanity.

There were arrests and the children were taken to various medical and psychiatric facilities.

“I’m almost going to guarantee the majority probably came from CPS,” said Pentagon 1.

The children’s ages are “anywhere from three to seventeen,” Pentagon 1 said.

“There’s both girls and boys. I would say mostly girls but there’s both. All their needs are being met right now. They are being taken care of – the military has stepped up,” Pentagon 1 said.

“Not all those kids are making it. There all in base hospitals. There all trying to be fixed up and made whole and get some nutrition in them and they were in incredibly bad shape. And it’s going to be a long lengthy process to get those kids back on their feet” Pentagon 1 said.

“To investigate – to find all their parents – I mean it’s going to be a freakin’ nightmare,” Pentagon 1 said.


Pentagon 1 said the operation was done under cover of darkness.

“Why do you think PG&E shut the power off? That was the military telling PG&E to shut the power down they got to go in in the dark. So, they went in with all night vision – all in the dark. They did this stuff in the middle of the night,” Pentagon 1 said.

“And they blew – all those underground fires was because [those] military boys were pissed. They just blew it. There was tremendous amount of emotion there,” Pentagon 1 said.


“A lot of [the children] are not from the U.S. A lot of Spanish (children) from Mexico and Guatemala and South America. You know? Who knows who their freakin parents are? That’s a big reason [Trump] is putting up the wall. It’s to protect all of us – everybody,” Pentagon 1 said.  1 months, 3 weeks ago

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Perplexed Perceptions  2 years, 1 month ago
Documentary credit: shakingmyheadproductions

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Wil Kinesche Exposes CPS corruption, and the ties to the Clinton Foundation. The rabbit hole is deep, folks!

At 39 minutes in, the explanation of why prosecution in the HRC case is taking so long, is explained.

Videos used here:

Stony Stone’s YouTube channels:
Stoney Stone on JoshWhoTV
https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/5c9bfab489d83   1 year, 6 months ago

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Terri LaPoint, MedicalKidnapping.com, joins to talk about the “legal process” used by CPS to kidnap children. It’s like a Grand Jury — without the jury — and without due process. And she explains one of CPS’ favorite canards — “Shaken Baby Syndrome”  2 years, 8 months ago


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Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the clownworld honks of the week, including dead Republican Senators, Unicef finds millions of boys are married off as children, another games journo SJW was arrested for soliciting child (RESET THE CLOCK) and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern!   2 years, 1 month ago

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One by one, picking off our weakest, but most precious, given no parental., Constitutional, civil or even human rights, and assassination for old women who stumble on their destruction factory and talk about it…. Who would target the weakest, most vulnerable of a group, and why? <-let that sink in a moment….

. White children are removed from their families at a alarmingly disproportionate rate. I’ve heard many non jq wise individuals make statements about all these CPS children taken from their parents are whites. (Yes, because whites have always been shitty parents and deadbeat fathers, and blacks and Mexicans are the model nucular familia….is that what they say?)
On the flip side of the CPS “protecting children” A ‘madantory reporter’ working at a school, was complaining that she has Reported on non-white children who were being neglected and/or abused, no food… ect, only to have CPS ignore or not intervening in the ‘child’s best interest’
But if a white child has so much as a bruise, he’s gone, move him around from foster to foster, coincidentally, a huge percentage are non-white, and the child is moved often, every month or so, intentionally doing that so the child never feels safe and secure…which in psychology is everything to a child, taking it away, is to destroy that child forever, he’ll never be ‘whole’ again…. And here we sit, yet…. Waiting for confirmation our children to be picked off, one by one.
It’s getting a little late in the game aye…  1 year, 6 months ago

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Luke 8:17 – This story made us both cry -another Heart wrenching story that will bring you to tears as Katherine Lester tells her story of how CPS lied and took her grandson away.

Katherine was denied placement of her newborn grandson when he was born addicted.

She spent the entire first 6 weeks of his at the hospital with him, bonding and caring for her grandson as he detoxed. Once the baby was ready to be released, CPS held a meeting, in which Katherine called them out on many lies CPS told willfully and purposely.
She was denied relative placement because of these lies. .

Folks, we try to help people like Katherine get their stories out and heal. We spend many hours doing this work – If you would like to support us in our efforts, you may do so by becoming a Patreon at
Thanks You !

Black and white photograph of a sad boy with hands over a fence.
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Newsweek recently ran an article by Michael Dolce called “We Have Set Up a System to Sex Traffic American Kids,” in which he dropped staggering statistics that should make American parents take action.

Here’s the ugly truth: most Americans who are victims of sex trafficking come from our nation’s own foster care system. It’s a deeply broken system that leaves  thousands vulnerable to pimps as children and grooms them for the illegal sex trade as young adults…Most people don’t know about our nation’s foster care to sex trafficking pipeline, but the facts are sobering. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) found that “of the more than 18,500 endangered runaways reported to NCMEC in 2016,  one in six were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 86 percent were in the care of social services when they went missing.

The outcomes of law enforcement efforts against sex traffickers repeatedly support the NCMEC estimate. In a 2013 FBI 70-city nationwide raid, 60 percent of the victims came from foster care or group homes. In 2014, New York authorities estimated that 85 percent of sex trafficking victims were previously in the child welfare system.

In 2012, Connecticut police rescued 88 children from sex trafficking; 86 were from the child welfare system. And even more alarming: the FBI discovered in a 2014 nationwide raid that many foster children rescued from sex traffickers, including children as young as 11, were never reported missing by child welfare authorities.

In Kansas, the number of missing foster children prompted a class-action lawsuit this past November. Local Wichita press reported the heinous claims:

On Friday, a class-action lawsuit was filed in federal court against Gov. Jeff Colyer and Gina Meier-Hummel, secretary of the state’s child welfare system, along with officials of two other agencies, claiming children in the Kansas foster care system have been treated so poorly that they’ve suffered mentally or fled from foster homes. In some cases, they have been trafficked for sex, sexually abused inside adoptive homes or in one instance reportedly raped inside a child welfare office, the suit says.

In 2007, Nancy Schaefer wrote a report to the Georgia Assembly that detailed the abuses she uncovered:

In this report, I am focusing on the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). However, I believe Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and that the entire system is broken almost beyond repair. I am convinced parents and families should be warned of the dangers.

The Department of Child Protective Services, known as the Department of Family and Children Service (DFCS) in Georgia and other titles in other states, has become a “protected empire” built on taking children and separating families. This is not to say that there are not those children who do need to be removed from wretched situations and need protection. This report is concerned with the children and parents caught up in “legal kidnapping,” ineffective policies, and DFCS who do does not remove a child or children when a child is enduring torment and abuse. (See Exhibit A and Exhibit B)

The report is riveting and must be read in its entirety, but some of the most damaging information she revealed included that CPS is a for-profit business that depends on the removal of children in order to get paid.

The Adoption and the Safe Families Act, set in motion by President Bill Clinton, offered cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care. In order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective services need more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sell and you must have plenty of them so the buyer can choose. Some counties are known to give a $4,000 bonus for each child adopted and an additional $2,000 for a “special needs” child. Employees work to keep the federal dollars flowing;

• that there is double dipping. The funding continues as long as the child is out of the home. When a child in foster care is placed with a new family then “adoption bonus funds” are available. When a child is placed in a mental health facility and is on 16 drugs per day, like two children of a constituent of mine, more funds are involved;

that there are no financial resources and no real drive to unite a family and help keep them together;

What better way for child predators to find a pool of children to prey on? Foster children are considered at “high risk” for abuse. Meanwhile, biological parents are gagged by illegal court orders from talking to the press about having their children unfairly removed from them and put into a system set up to abuse them.

Thousands of parents report to Medical Kidnap the illegal gag orders imposed upon them by judges who claim to want “privacy for the child.” This is the state’s excuse for trying to silence the free speech of parents who are being railroaded by a system set up to destroy their families. At the same time, states put the photographs of the children who have had their parents ripped away from them by the state onto websites anyone can access — the sites include their names and sometimes details about the abuse they have suffered — in order to get them “adopted.”

How this is good for the privacy of the child is a mystery. The websites have a creepy feel to them because they allow anyone to search for a child in the foster system by gender, age, and “at-risk” status. It’s like Amazon for kid shopping. Known pedophiles have admitted to searching foster care sites in order to find children to abuse.

Nathan Larson, who ran for Congress in Virginia this year, posted in online forums about this very thing. As reported by the Huffington Post, Larson wrote:

Why doesn’t every pedo just focus on making money so they can get a pedo-wife and then either impregnate her with some f***toys or adopt some f***toys? That would accommodate both those who are and aren’t into incest. And of course, the adoption process lets you pick a boy or a girl.

He is correct. Here is a website called Adopt Us Kids, where children’s photographs are posted from every state with personal information about them. This ad from the Kentucky Adoption Profile Exchange is so disturbing — it reads like a personal ad for a child searching for her next abuser.

Please meet Jasmine. Jasmine is a beautiful and bright young lady who likes to keep everyone entertained! ….Jasmine is really a people pleaser and looks to others or reassurance for a job well done…Jasmine will do best as the youngest child in a family that has structure, patience and the knowledge of the effects of trauma on children. (Emphasis mine)

This is an advertisement for an abused child who is at very high risk for more abuse. This website is not behind any password protection for verified eligible parents. It’s open for the general public to browse through. Her face is not blacked out on the site (but is here for her privacy). A person like Nathan Larson looking for children to abuse is given a veritable menu of children at risk in his neighborhood by the state! This flies in the face of all the judges claiming that parents who are suffering parental rights termination must be gagged for the “privacy of the child.” If they were truly concerned with their privacy, they would not put them online for predators to browse through.

Countless parents have contacted parental rights organizations and advocates like Nancy Schaefer with stories of being forced to give up their parental rights — under the threat of never being able to see them again if they don’t — then watched their children adopted out to others through websites just like this one. Most of these parents have never been charged with a crime, never spent one day in criminal court, and yet had their rights removed by a civil court judge. Not only that, but grandparents are regularly denied custody in favor of strangers.

Why is this allowed? Why are children removed from families without warrants or trials by jury in criminal court? Any Google search for “family court corruption” will show you pages of horror stories of parents denied due process. Where is the outcry? There is no shortage of news reports of foster care abuse, like the Texas CPS caseworker arrested for soliciting sex with a minor, or the pedophile ring found in Arizona foster care that abused countless foster children, selling them for sex over and over for decades, or the many stories of foster care group home abuse where minors were sold into prostitution.

These stories are enough to break your heart many times over, like the case of Jesse Williams, whose “adoptive mother” tied him and his siblings to beds and forced them to urinate and defecate in their rooms. He had no food in the refrigerator when he went missing and turned up dead in the desert. Even news agencies are reluctant to admit that this woman they call his “mother” was his foster parent. The term “adoptive mother” only appears once in this report, and in all other reports she is referred to as his mother. The truth is, we don’t know who his real family is or why he was put into a home where CPS investigated and found abusive conditions so numerous as to require reams of paper to report it. They did not remove him or the other children until after Jesse was found dead. No one has gone to jail for his death, even though a cadaver dog alerted to the trunk of his adopted “mother’s” car and there are stacks of CPS reports showing that she abused him constantly.

These types of stories are happening all over the country. Where are the congressional advocates for these children and families like the ones in Nancy Schaefer’s report? Perhaps they’re nervous they’ll wind up just like them if they expose this billion-dollar industry. CPS needs to be investigated yesterday by the feds to find out what exactly they’ve been doing to American families.

The closing remarks in Schaefer’s 2007 report are still valid today. “I have witnessed such injustice and harm brought to these families that I am not sure if I even believe reform of the system is possible! The system cannot be trusted. It does not serve the people. It obliterates families and children simply because it has the power to do so. Children deserve better. Families deserve better. It’s time to pull back the curtain and set our children and families free.”

True Pundit

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GOP Senator Drops Bomb: ‘Foster Kids Are Being Sold Into Sex Slavery’

A conservative Republican senator who is convinced that the Arizona Department of Child Safety is facilitating the global sex trafficking of children removed from negligent parents called the police on one of his GOP colleagues, alleging that she threatened his life.

Sen. David Farnsworth, a Republican from Mesa, filed a report with the Arizona Department of Public Safety this week accusing Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, of threatening him if he didn’t stop investigating the outrageous claim. 

Meanwhile, just days ago news broke in Arizona of top ‘Never-Trumpers’ tied to a Arizona politician indicted for human smuggling and selling children in Arizona, Utah and Arkansas.

The names of some of the largest GOP critics of President Donald Trump are surfacing in the investigation of a politician indicted on charges of fraud, human smuggling, selling children, forgery, conspiracy and ripping off the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. GOP critics of President Trump, including former US Sen. Jeff Flake, late Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Mitt Romney among others are linked to suspect Paul Petersen. Petersen also campaigned for and is friends with Arizona Gov. Goug Ducey and other politicians, according to records and sources.

But back to the NEW bombshell allegations coming, again, out of Arizona.

The Arizona Senator Farnsworth said that he has been looking into how DCS “lost” more than 550 children last year, roughly half of whom are categorized as either runaways or otherwise missing. The rest appear to be flagged for paperwork errors.

He said he fears the children have been abducted and sold into a global sex trafficking ring, and said he has been holding meetings with DCS, critics of the agency and fellow lawmakers, including Brophy McGee.

Farnsworth said he didn’t believe DCS officials were actively selling children into sexual slavery, but that they are being lax at protecting children from predators who will do so.

While he said he hopes his meetings ultimately prove him wrong, Farnsworth said he is more convinced than ever that Arizona children removed from their parents and put into group homes or foster homes are being sex-trafficked.

“When I first heard about this, I believed that children from Arizona (DCS) were ending up in sex trafficking. Now, after the research I’ve done, I’m confident of it,” he said.

Farnsworth also alleged that two former Republican state senators from other states who were killed within days of each other earlier this year were “executed” because they were investigating links between their own states’ child protective agencies and global sex trafficking rings. 

The FBI has intervened in the murder investigation of former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, according to federal agents who detailed what the Republican politician was investigating prior to her grisly murder.

Collins-Smith was gunned down and her body was discovered outside her home about two hours northeast of Little Rock on June 4. She suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

A friend of the beloved Arkansas state senator has been formally charged with the murder. Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell, 48, was charged with capital murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence in the death of Collins-Smith. O’Donnell, of Pocahontas, was arrested in the death of Collins-Smith.

Documents in the case have reportedly been sealed and police have released few details about the circumstances surrounding the death of Collins-Smith, who was elected to the state senate as a Republican in 2014 but lost a re-election bid last year. The former senator’s body was found in an “advanced state of decomposition” and it took authorities two days to identify the remains using dental records, the paper reports, citing a statement by prosecuting attorney Henry Boyce.

With a murder suspect already in custody, however, federal law enforcement sources revealed Collins-Smith, at the time of her death, was probing child pornography cases linking to a child trafficking syndicate in Arkansas.

“She had developed this information through contacts and people very close to her,” a law enforcement source said. “The plan was to go public with all of it or hand it to law enforcement outside of Arkansas.”

The FBI sources would not say whether the former senator was working with the FBI prior to her death. But federal insiders said the FBI began interviewing witnesses in the case in recent weeks. Also the Secret Service has taken an interest in the case as well, though FBI sources would not elaborate on the Secret Service’s role.

The Arizona Mirror is an independent, nonprofit news organization that is focused on connecting public policy with the people it affects and bringing a fresh perspective to coverage of the state’s biggest issues.

GOP senator: AZ foster kids are being sold into sexual slavery

Sen. David Farnsworth, R-Mesa. Photo by Gage Skidmore | Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

A conservative Republican senator who is convinced that the Arizona Department of Child Safety is facilitating the global sex trafficking of children removed from negligent parents called the police on one of his GOP colleagues, alleging that she threatened his life.

Sen. David Farnsworth, a Republican from Mesa, filed a report with the Arizona Department of Public Safety this week accusing Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, of threatening him if he didn’t stop investigating the outrageous claim. The news was first reported by Yellow Sheet Report, a high-priced insider newsletter aimed at lobbyists and government officials.

Farnsworth told Yellow Sheet that he has been looking into how DCS “lost” more than 550 children last year, roughly half of whom are categorized as either runaways or otherwise missing. The rest appear to be flagged for paperwork errors.

He said he fears the children have been abducted and sold into a global sex trafficking ring, and said he has been holding meetings with DCS, critics of the agency and fellow lawmakers, including Brophy McGee.

Farnsworth acknowledged his beliefs were outlandish, but he said it’s not a conspiracy theory. He told Yellow Sheet that he didn’t believe DCS officials were actively selling children into sexual slavery, but that they are being lax at protecting children from predators who will do so. 

While he said he hopes his meetings ultimately prove him wrong, Farnsworth said he is more convinced than ever that Arizona children removed from their parents and put into group homes or foster homes are being sex-trafficked, even though he told Yellow Sheet he has turned up no evidence. 

“When I first heard about this, I believed that children from Arizona (DCS) were ending up in sex trafficking. Now, after the research I’ve done, I’m confident of it,” he told Yellow Sheet. “But I can’t prove it.”

Farnsworth also alleged that two former Republican state senators from other states who were killed within days of each other earlier this year were “executed” because they were investigating links between their own states’ child protective agencies and global sex trafficking rings. 

There is no evidence that either ex-legislator was murdered for that reason. Linda Collins-Smith, a former senator from Arkansas, was killed by a close friend and former campaign aide. And Jonathan Nichols, a former senator from Oklahoma, died by suicide

CNN —  

Lawmakers in Arkansas and Oklahoma are mourning the loss of two former state senators who were found dead in their homes within a span of two days.

In Arkansas, this week’s fatal shooting of former Republican state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith is being investigated as a homicide, authorities said.

In Oklahoma, former state Sen. Jonathan Nichols was found dead from a gunshot in his home in Norman, about 20 miles from Oklahoma City, according to police.

Authorities have not provided additional details on the apparently unrelated deaths. Investigations are under way in both states.

Linda Collins-Smith

Former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith at the state Capitol in Little Rock in 2015.
Danny Johnston/AP
Former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith at the state Capitol in Little Rock in 2015.

Collins-Smith’s body was found Tuesday in her home in Randolph County, Arkansas. She’d been fatally shot, and her death is under investigation as a homicide, CNN affiliate KARK reported.

Collins-Smith, who was a Democrat before switching to the Republican Party, was first elected to the Arkansas Senate in 2014 and lost her party’s primary last year, the Little Rock TV station said.

“She was a passionate voice for her people and a close member of our Republican family. We are praying for her loved ones during this difficult time,” the Arkansas GOP tweeted.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he was stunned by her death and expressed his condolences to her loved ones.

“She was a good person who served in the public arena with passion and conviction,” Hutchinson said. “The first lady and I extend our deepest sympathies to her family and friends during this difficult time.”

Jonathan Nichols

Jonathan Nichols was an Oklahoma state senator from 2000 to 2012.
Jonathan Nichols was an Oklahoma state senator from 2000 to 2012.

Police found the body of the former Republican lawmaker Wednesday night after a report of gunfire.

Nichols, 53, was an Oklahoma state senator from 2000 to 2012 and later worked at the University of Oklahoma, CNN affiliate KFOR in Oklahoma City reported.

Authorities confirmed his death Thursday.

“Investigators are currently working with the Oklahoma medical examiner’s office to determine the exact cause and manner of death,” Norman police said.

Lawmakers expressed shock over Nichols’ death.“Sen. Jonathan Nichols was the most brilliant political, legal mind in the Oklahoma state Legislature, and worked tirelessly as a senator and for years on staff to help guide our state forward,” said state Sen. Rob Standridge, who succeeded him in Oklahoma’s District 15.



Midnight Sun
October 22, 2019
(Listener Discretion Strongly Advised. Distressing subject matter for some People’s and includes the harm to children). We Follow The White Rabbit To Arizona. “…Sen. David Farnsworth, a Republican from Mesa, filed a report with the Arizona Department of Public Safety this week accusing Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, of threatening him if he didn’t stop investigating the outrageous claim…” “…The Arizona Senator Farnsworth said that he has been looking into how DCS “lost” more than 550 children last year, roughly half of whom are categorized as either runaways or otherwise missing…”
Article: “GOP Senator Drops Bomb: ‘Foster Kids Are Being Sold Into Sex Slavery.” https://truepundit.com/gop-senator-dr…
Article: “GOP senator: AZ foster kids are being sold into sexual slavery.” https://www.azmirror.com/2019/10/04/g…
Article; “Sex Trafficking Victim Found With RFID Chip Implant.” https://newspunch.com/sex-trafficking…
Video: California – Fires, Explosions, Martial Law, No HAM Radios? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD45c…
Article: “Former operator of Alaska sex trafficking ring sentenced in Anchorage.” https://www.adn.com/crime-justice/art…
Italian Youtuber with EXCELLENT information:
Article: “Torture video found in Alaska contains vital clue to killing.” https://apnews.com/b453c43b32fd4fb181


Human Trafficking and Slavery  FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Actor Ashton Kutcher and Elisa Massimino from Human Rights First testified at a hearing on ways to improve federal support for combating human trafficking and slavery. Mr. Kutcher, co-founder of the anti-human trafficking network Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, talked about his organization’s efforts toward the release of trafficking and slavery victims. He also answered questions on the types of regulations, resources, and future anti-trafficking legislation that could help the government and private sector pressure international counterparts to fight slavery and criminal networks. Senators focused on anti-trafficking legislation they were working on, and asked the witnesses about ways to improve federal support for local- and state-level efforts, and to encourage such efforts abroad.


This year, an estimated 18,000 American children will disappear, but their families will not be looking for them. Neighbors will not canvas the streets. Our Facebook feeds will not show their pictures. And after six months, the records of their existence may close entirely.

This is the fate awaiting children who vanish while in the care and custody of America’s child-protection system. Some run to escape abuse. Some follow false promises of love and security. Still others are kidnapped outright.

No matter the reason for falling off the grid, many of these boys and girls will resurface on the black market as child sex slaves. According to the FBI,more than half of trafficked children in America were in the care of social serviceswhen they disappeared.That is a damning statistic for a system whose sole purpose is to keep children safe.

Arizona can close cases after 6 months

Withelma “T” Pettigrew, one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people, was one of those children in foster care who became a trafficking victim. T testified to Congress: “I spent, for the most part, the first 18 years of my life in the foster-care system. Seven of those years, I was a child being sexually trafficked on the streets, Internet, strip clubs, massage parlors … Traffickers, pimps, exploiters have no fear of punishment because they rely on the lack of attention that occurs when these young people go missing.”

Making matters worse, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found that “historically, many of these children were not being reported missing.” To correct that, federal law enacted in 2014 required that state agencies must report a missing child to law enforcement within 24 hours. Reports of children missing from care have since more than doubled.

But reporting a child missing is only a first step in what should be a 24/7 search. Every missing child counts, regardless of race, gender, age or social status.

The state is the legal guardian of these children, but Arizona law allows a case to be closed after the child has been missing from care for only six months. That responsibility should end only when the child is in a permanent and safe home — not because the child has disappeared.

Keep searching until they’re found

There are several warning signs for human trafficking, including poor physical and mental health, a lack of control over their lives and harsh working conditions. If you see any of these signs, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Stephanie Dickrell, sdickrell@stcloudtimes.com

Giving up on finding a child after six months is contrary to the very purpose of being a guardian. Closing the books also gives predators a green light: If you can keep a kid hidden for six months, you’re home free. Predators should know that we will never give up on finding these children — ever.

Twenty years ago, families relied on newspapers, flyers and milk cartons to find a missing person. Today, social media can spread the news of a missing child in seconds. The ability to rapidly disseminate the word has saved many lives. Children who vanish from state care should be entitled to no less, and Arizonans would be eager to help.

Similarly, all of us can support the hard work of local law enforcement by becoming more aware of potential predators around us by checking the sex-offender registry.

Arizona would benefit from a robust conversation between law enforcement, child-protection workers, private agencies and the children and families who have lived through this experience. With a goal of modernizing and strengthening safety procedures, we can work to provide the same safeguards for children in state care that we would demand for our own.

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Darcy Olsen is the founder and CEO of Gen Justice, which serves abused children through its pro bono Children’s Law Clinic and aims to reform the child-protection system to prevent future injustice. Reach her at darcy@genjustice.org.
REAL PIZZAGATE: END CPS FRAUD! SAVE THE BABIES-Pedophilia, ChildTrafficking, Adoption Incentives

END CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES “CPS” Child trafficking, Child Kidnapping, Pedophilia Rings, Child Sacrifice, Sexual Exploitation, Child & Teenage Pornography and even Organ Harvesting. WE MUST CONFRONT THE FRAUD IN CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES “CPS” & END THE LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY.


Read the full Senate 415 Bill Here:

Cease ALL international, National & each of the States within the united States illegal kidnapping, child trafficking, sacrifice, pedophile rings, sexual exploitation & etc. of the Paleo, Autochthonous, Indigenous, Aboriginal peoples denationalized in order to violate the aforementioned peoples within the corporate united States, ALL other natural living, breathing, human people in the united States & ALL other natural human people around the world.

Californian Republic, Petitioning Governor or the seat holder of the Corporate State of California: Jerry Brown & Petitioning the rest of the entire NorthWest Amexem/NorthWest Africa/Turtle Island/Al Moroc/Washitaw Territory & Empire “America” (Corporate united States)

Specifically, this petition’s focus is on the corporate united States within the lands of the aforementioned Paleo, Autochthonous, Aboriginal, Indigenous peoples of this land of NortWest America*. Due to CPS seizing “kidnapping” & “child trafficking” this population of Autochthonous (minomered “Black”) peoples children at a 40% higher rate than any other group & holding them within the system 40% longer than any other group. However, also petitioning for ALL other natural, living, breathing peoples’ children who have previously, are currently or will futuristically have any involvement with or dealings with D.B.A. CPS Nation Wide & World Wide.

*Return My 2 Autochthonous Babies to Me immediately.

1. Sign (deceased) GA Senator Nancy Schaefer’s Bill 415 into International Law, Federal Law, sign & adopt GA Bill 415 by each of the corporate united States within *North America/NorthWest Amexem/NorthWest Africa/North Gate/Turtle Island.  (WE DO NOT SUBMIT TO INTERNATIONAL LAW!  CPS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ANY ORGANIZATION IS GIVEN TOO MUCH POWER!)

2. International Criminal Hearing on ALL Child Protection Services “CPS” & international Court of Justice Hearing on ALL Child Protective Services.  (DO NOT GET THE UN INVOLVED IN ANYTHING!!! DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO THEIR TYRANNY!)

3. Federal Congressional Hearing on ALL Child Protective Services “CPS”.

4. Abolish ALL of the Federal & State Financial Incentives (that have turned CPS into a business that separates families for money). Abolishing every & ALL States from Applying for OBTAINING, RECEIVING OR ACCEPTING ADOPTION INCENTIVE PAYMENTS under the Federal Adoption & Safe Families ACT of 1997 or any other unknown &/or known. No New &/or future but not limited to statues, laws, bills, codes, etc. & “the likes” for CPS to gain, obtain, recieve or accept money for adoption incentives &/or termination of the parents or guardians rights.

5. Independent Audit of ALL State Child Protective Services.

6. MANDATORY that CPS provides substantial verified valid proof to obtain a MANDATORY Court Order by an Article 3 Court to Enter a Residence to Seize a Child.

7. Family Article 3 Court(s) to be Open to the Public (Confidentiality & Secrecy PROTECTS THE WRONG PEOPLE).

8. NO Medicine, Vaccines, Shot(s), Medical Service(s) administered to a Child over the Objection of the Parent or Custodian.

9. CPS held liable, accountable for the accuracy of each & every claim. Providing the Article 3 court(s) with Mandatory Proof of Verifiable Claim(s) made against parent(s) or custodian(s).

10. When CPS is found but not limited to fraudulently withholding, distroying, fabricating evidence & etc. that CPS be criminally, civilly & publicly held LIABLE; both at their personal capacity & the representation of & equally liable for & of the D.B.A. “CPS” both singularly & as “the whole” of the corporation.


12. ALL STATES MANDATORY ADVISEMENT of Legal Rights for Parents, Guardians or Custodians.

13. Mandate CPS to take preventative actions by teaching families ways to live healthier lifestyles & keeping families together. Providing Reasonable & Clear steps to all families or custodian to meet criteria for children to stay within their families homes to prevent to need for children to be removed from a home.

Why is this important?

CPS No LONGER SERVES THE PEOPLE. Many children, parents & guardians have experienced, live through &/or witnessed such injustice & harm brought to so many families by CPS FRAUD & LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY… Senator Nancy Schaefer stated, “the (CPS) system cannot be be trusted. It does NOT SERVE the PEOPLE. It obliterates families & children simply because it has the power to do so. WE MUST CONFRONT THE FRAUD IN CPS. CPS seizes children using the very system that is paid for by the tax payer who actually believes it is used to protect abused & neglected children. A child is 6 times more likely to be abused in CPS than if left in the general public. The system converts children into cash while distroying their families & their lives. No children who emerge from the system can ever be sound or whole. Many disappear & never are heard from again... What is happening in America is a Criminal Political Phenomenon & it must be brought to an END.”

I, myself, was a child kidnapped & made a ward of the State of California. As a young child witnessing these real life horrors… living, breathing, bleeding, crying, screaming for help & NO One Came. So many violated, witnessing traumatic human violations & now experiencing this all over again… However, from the parental side of the illegal kidnapping & child trafficing of my very own toddler & new born baby.

CPS has become a business with little to No Integrity & No Accountability. Case Workers & Social Workers are very often times guilty of fraud. They withhold & distroy evidence. They fabricate evidence & seek to Terminate Parental Rights unnecessarily. Based on obtaining the HUGE Cash Bonuses administered to the States for every CHILD ADOPTED OUT FOSTER CARE. Babies sale fast & are the preferred merchandise for attracting Adopting Parents.

“To obtain the Bonuses CPS would need more children they must have merchandise that sells & they must have plenty so that the buyer can choose. Some counties offer $4,000-$6,000 in bonuses for each child ADOPTED OUT to Strangers & an Additional $2,000 for a special need Child.” –Nancy Schaefer

Similarly to many Childrens’ stories Nation Wide: Specifically in Georgia, former Senator Nancy Schaefer had found during the last few years that: in Georgia housed children in a foster home with a known pedophile who molested the children; in Habersham County failed to remove 6 children from a home where they are being abused and tortured; in Georgia turned 2 girls over to a California father who had a pornographic video business.

Please join me in WORKING to help SET OUR Children & Families FREE. To whom much is given; much is required…” Please JOIN US, BY TAKING ACTION & also pray for our children & for our families. “WE ALL MUST PRESS ON & WIN THIS RACE FOR AMERICA!!!” -Nancy Schaefer “May Your Mission to Save the Children Live on through each one of Us.”


By taking action, you will also receive periodic communications from ColorOfChange. By providing your mobile number you consent to receive cell phone and text communications from ColorOfChange and its affiliated entities concerning news and action opportunities. Message and data rates may apply. You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to 225568.





Trump Administration Asks for Comments on Child Sex Trafficking in Foster Care System

5 CommentsOctober 4, 2019 Updated: October 6, 2019

WASHINGTON—The Department of Health and Human Services confirms that it is discussing the role foster care plays in the child sex trafficking problem in the United States. The Trump administration stressed on the day of its advisory committee’s recent child trafficking meeting that it seeks comments from the public to help combat the problem.

“The National Advisory Committee on the Sex Trafficking of Children & Youth in the United States has discussed vulnerabilities of children and youth who have interacted with foster care systems and is working on recommendations for professionals in these settings,” the committee told The Epoch Times on Oct. 4, the day of a public meeting on ways to combat child sex trafficking. “We encourage everyone with specific ideas or recommendations to submit them in writing for the members’ considerationhttps://www.acf.hhs.gov/otip/resource/nacpublic18.

The committee’s official comments page states, “If you have comments for the Committee, contact adonald@nhttac.org.”

The Trump administration’s increased promotion of its efforts to engage the public comes amid increasingly vocal concerns about the CPS and foster care system.

The committee held its meeting in Alexandria, Virginia, on the same day that parents staged a rally at the California state capitol in Sacramento to speak out against California’s Child Protective Services (CPS), alleging widespread abuse and corruption in the CPS system.

The Epoch Times reported that the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), spearheaded by Hillary Clinton and signed into law in 1997 by her husband President Bill Clinton, created a program by which the federal government sends incentive checks to states for each child adopted out of foster care—with termination of most parents’ custodial rights occurring when a child has been in foster care for 15 of the past 22 months.

The state of California, which officially labels all missing foster care children as “runaways,” has been rocked by allegations of child sex abuse in the Contra Costa County foster care system. The State Department’s 2019 human trafficking report stated that “in the United States, traffickers prey upon children in the foster care system.”

President Donald Trump’s Family First Prevention and Services Act, which eliminates some financial incentives for removing children from their biological families, went into effect on Oct. 1, but some advocates say the law doesn’t go far enough.

In anticipation of the National Advisory Committee’s meeting on Oct. 4, public comments already started flowing in.

“As an advocate for families and children, financial incentives pose a big problem to the already broken family court system and their unethical practices,” citizen Amy Betts said in a public comment published by HHS.

“Jurisdiction as defined, is not followed by these state-run family courts. Including that they violate rights daily through use of their unethical and fraudulent activities that they currently use to incentivize the state and its funding. Children are taken from fit families, including through fraudulent orders by the state-run family courts.

“Through the use of ‘Hague Conventions’ stated in the fraudulent orders being created, these courts take and keep children from their families—putting them in worse situations than they were taken from. Many of these children run away, and have issues stemming from the abuses that have been created by these family courts, who through the assistance of DHHS, CPS, and other state run agencies, power goes unchecked and children and families’ lives are destroyed.

“This is where the majority of your trafficking victims come from. When wrongdoing is proven by way of these state courts and administrative agencies, there is then no recourse for the victims.

“Reform the state-run Family Courts! Stop incentivizing the states and these agencies through taking children and placing them in foster care and adopted homes! Assistance must be to the biological families. And abusers must be held accountable. Counseling (and forgiveness) will not change the actions of those causing harm.

“Without accountability, the abusers understand that they get to continue with what they are doing, then learn new ways to hide behind the law and continue with their fraudulent practices. There are many families, including children, that suffer,” Betts stated in her comment.

“Our agencies and our foster care system has shown the wide range of outcomes for children in foster care,” stated citizen Devra Waterman and others, who submitted the same letter calling for teenagers in foster care to be allowed to return to their families if they wish.

“For those who struggle to find a safe place within the system, their outcomes are dismal. Homelessness, joblessness, drug use, prostitution, and without family reunification, lacking any support when they age out of foster care. Many adoptive and foster children do not find a permanent place with their adoptive or foster parents. Often, the relationship ends when they age out of the system.

“I ask you not to wait. I ask you to implement this simple policy to allow older children subjected to foster care to be able to request and voice their desire to return to the safe family member with support from state agencies to provide the reunification for families nationwide while reducing the number of runaways and sex trafficked foster kids,” Waterman and the others said.

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