Ohio Train Disaster – More Information

You Don’t Want to Miss this. It is to important, that is why I made it a separate post…
This disaster in Ohio is worse than any of us can comprehend  I know that sounds sensationalist  It is not.  If anything this is an understatement.

In this post you will hear from people far more qualified than I, who will share what they know from training, study and work experience with the chemicals involved.  You will also hear testimonies from people on the ground in surrounding communities already feeling the impact.  Hopefully you will gain a deeper understanding of the impact on our environment.

The photo at the top of the page, shows the Chemical Cloud from the Ohio Train fire.  It immediately struck me how the image it creates resembles  the two-faced god JANUS.  We are only seeing the lower half of the faces, much like we are only getting half of the information.  It appears that both sides have their mouth wide open like they are SHOUTING or perhaps BLOWING the poison to spread it in two directions.  I added a white outline of the two mouths.  Study the pic of JANUS and the image with it in mind.  Just saying… that is what my eyes see.  

Here is a pic from another view.  You can see the mouths on each side very clearly:


I had very bad feelings about this event from the very first moment I heard about it.  I expressed my concerns in my initial post on it, followed by an update that already showed evidence that my fears were justified.


Now, I am not a scientist, or any kind of a chemical expert.  I am just a highly tuned watchman for the Lord and a critical thinker.  As I said in my first post…there are many other chemicals involved and those monitoring and controlling the area have already had to admit there are more chemicals involved that they have not disclosed.

This is an attack on our food supply, as well as our bodies and the bodies of animals that will be exposed to the aftermath of this event.  Who exactly is behind the event and/or the cover up we don’t really know for sure.  It is obvious that there are multiple levels of conspiracy to keep the public in the dark.

Please listen to this entire video.  AND PRAY!


First published at 08:42 UTC on February 15th, 2023.
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Who owns the railroad in that part of Ohio:
NWO Owners of Norfolk Southern: https://i.imgur.com/lla13cW.jpeg

I hope people are figuring out they don’t mind killing us. We humans are not an asset, we are a liability that they only steal from. Sometimes they steal your life. They knew exactly what they were doing and what this act would cause.


The name Palestine: Summary

Land Of Grief-Stricken Dust-Rollers, Land Of Burrow-Diggers
From the verb פלש (palash), to dig into or roll around in the dirt due to grief.

The name Palestine or Philistia in the Bible

The name Palestine or Philistia (פלשת) and the name Philistine (פלשתי) are pretty much the same, and Philistine literally means One Of Palestine / Philistia. Possibly to avoid confusion or association with irrelevant modern conflicts, most modern translations speak of Philistia rather than Palestine.

The ethnonym Philistine occurs close to 300 times in the Bible but Philistia only eight times: Exodus 15:14, Psalm 60:8, 83:7, 87:4, 108:9, Isaiah 14:29, 14:31, Joel 3:4.

Etymology and meaning of the name Palestine

The name Palestine/ Philistine comes from the verb פלש (palash), which denotes the physical expression of intense grief. See our article on the name Philistine for a lengthy look at why that might be:
Excerpted from: Abarim Publications’ Biblical Dictionary


The verb פלש (palash) mostly means to roll around in ashes or dust due to intense grief. In cognate languages it describes the digging of tunnels or burrows.

Under king David the Philistine culture came to an end, but while a remnant survived in Judah (namely the Gittites and the Cherethites), the Philistines as a people were sucked into Babylon never to rise again. The Palestinians now living in Palestine are Arabs.


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