Hey Friends, I am busy today with personal business but I wanted you to see the updates on what is happening in Ohio and surrounding areas related to the recent TRAIN DERAILMENT.

On this post you will find a video from BitChute and  the following bits from Strange Sound’s website.




Red Pill warning…

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for February 14, 2023…

A 50 car train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that the EPA “control burned” is chernobyling the eastern part of the U.S… Now fish and wildlife are turning up dead all over. The fallout is about 200 miles wide now and is going to spread through air and water… [My newsletter]

Ohio, East Palestine right now…

I would have thought anyone working in the area should be in full hazmat suit… They have indeed released new data, showing that there were more toxic chemicals on train that derailed in Ohio than originally reported

Cancer clusters could pop up, you know, well water could go bad
… But hey! The consequences won’t be seen for years, by then their cause will be obscured. If they treat it as serious now the consequences will be more obvious. They really don’t give a sh*t about people who aren’t them.

I guess many already forgot about how the big money people really tried hard not to pay 9/11 first responders who were having significant health issues… Days after terrorists brought down the World Trade Center towers, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that the air was safe to breathe, but that proved to be a dangerously optimistic assessment. Again the Biden admin says Ohio air is safe after explosion

All of her chickens were dead (10 miles from E Palestine)
Her original post was deleted, but someone mirrored it so it is still currently available.


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⚠️ JUST IN: Woman finds all her chickens dead 10 miles from East Palestine, Ohio. Following the major deadly release of toxins the “chickens slowed down & died”. “If it can do this to chickens in a night, imagine what it will do to us in 20 years”. #OhioChernobyl

10:35 AM ∙ Feb 14, 2023


Beware! The MSM is now trying to bury the terrifying accident in East Palestine, Ohio with other news of train derailments across the country… There are like 5 train derailments in the US every day, you usually just don’t hear about them. Now, in the wake of 12 hours, at least 3 have made the ‘Breaking News’ (NCTexasLouisiana)… They are pushing them to bury their big failure in Ohio…

Congress approved $113 billion of aid to Ukraine in 2022. How much to help Ohio?

I send my prayers to all the poisoned people living over there… Fight for your rights!

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To Watch this Video on BitChute Click the Title Link below:
The TRUTH Behind the Ohio Train DERAILMENT and Media BLACKOUT!!!
an hour ago


I am telling you that my gut feeling from the first time I heard about this event is that it is not an accident, and there are nefarious reasons for this discharge.   

At the very least they are covering up the related dangers and there will be ongoing effects on the entire area.  

Here is my original post, in case you have not seen it:

 OHIOANS in Danger – LIES! LIES! LIES is all they get.

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