UPDATES: 09/29/2021; 2:40:59 PM TAGS: Blood Red Water, Israel, Utah, Wyoming, Moran, Moab, Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie, murder, double murder, missing, fugitive, investigation, Online Sleuths, FBI, Police, Ancient Moab, Commitment,  Judgment, Grace, Redemption, Salvation, Repentance, Pride Humility, Moab’s Curse, Isaiah, Sodom and Gomorrah, Kylen and Crystal, There is a news story that has captured the … Click Here to Read More


Tags: TRUTH, Spiritual Signs, Endtimes, Jonah, Days of Noah,  Noah’s Ark, Repentance, Grace, JESUS There was another item in the news recently about a person being swallowed by a whale. Oh how the Magicians hate this story!!  They have spent so much time and energy disputing it, denying it, belittling anyone who dares to believe … Click Here to Read More

Be Careful Not to Move the Ancient Boundary Stones

ANCIENT BOUNDARY STONES By Cynthia Pawl 7/4/16; Update 7/28/19 When the Lord began to open the Word of God to me, in my 20’s, I read the entire Bible from beginning to end in about 6 months. Amazingly, as He revealed the understanding to me, I comprehended very clearly. The WORD of GOD had suddenly … Click Here to Read More