Crazy Delphi gets Crazier all the TIME!

UPDATE ADDED 12/13/23 This is a vey important case for many reasons.  One of those reasons is that there is so obviously a conspiracy to cover up the truth.  It is hard to tell who all is lying, They all seem shady.  There are factors about which we have no information. That is the reason … Click Here to Read More


UPDATED 11/17/23 All runes at the crime scene have been identified within this post.  I can only go by what has been revealed.  There may have been more at the actual scene.  THIS was definitely a Norse Styled Ritual.  AND it took some intense planning and execution.  They probably worked through the late night after the … Click Here to Read More

Super Bowl 56

RESTORED  11/9/23  If you watched the Super Bowl half time and felt that it appeared to be totally innocuous, WRONG!!!  This Halftime, like all the rest is chuck full of symbolism and messaging.   Messages for the mindless masses and messages for the controlling elite. First of all, let me ask you to consider this: WHY … Click Here to Read More

Much More Than Beads, Jazz and Parades!

Photo Credit From the photo above, you can probably guess that what lead me to this subject was a link to JANUS which was the topic of another article I was working on this week.  I have to tell you, the more I research, the more I find that EVERYTHING all ties together.  Every topic … Click Here to Read More