What is happening at our BORDERS will be the end of life as you know it!

UPDATE ADDED 2/21/24; UPDATE ADDED 2/25/24 With all the Foreign Nationals coming in… YOU’RE GONNA NEED A GUN!!! FOR over 40 years now, probably much longer.  40 years, that is just how long I have been involved in warning the people.   But, for 40 years at least, TRUTHERS have been posting photos, videos, testimonies and … Click Here to Read More


Wait a minute… WHAT??  GUNS FOR ILLEGALS??  They are working night and day to devise ways to take GUNS away from law abiding US Citizens…  but they are making it easy for ILLEGAL ALIENS INVADING OUR COUNTRY TO PURCHASE GUNS!!    You can fool some of the people some of the time. WHAT? Now, the … Click Here to Read More

We Need to Find Solutions – QUICK!

Updates Added 1/17/24 I am well aware that the country is up in arms about Governor Abbott sending immigrants north, but I think it was the best thing anyone could have done to get this issue addressed.  As long as the southern states were stuck with housing and feeding the hundreds of thousands of illegal … Click Here to Read More