John Todd and Satanic Panic

“Satanic Panic” like “Conspiracy Theorist”  is an illuminati by-word created to make a mockery of the truth and prevent discovery of their occult activities.  Despite very real and tangible of evidence of Satanic Activity, and or influences people prefer to laugh it off, because they are afraid. FEAR is the tool the evil ones use … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED 2/20/22 TAGS: WWIII, China, Russia, Britain, Japan, Taiwan, India, UN TROOPS IN USA, FEMA INTERNMENT CAMPS, Gun Confiscation, Divided Military, TREASONIST BIDEN, Destruction of America, Rothschild Dirty Tricks Things are escalating very quickly, folks.  I just received this article from a friend.  Read it carefully and prayerfully.  These next couple months are going to … Click Here to Read More

Update 7/31/19 – USA Events Happening NOW – July

It cannot be disputed.  At ONE TIME this Nation was the GREATEST NATION in the WORLD.   The American public has in the past been the most honorable, hard-working, GOD-FEARING, generous, inspiring people in the WORLD!  I am not talking about our Government.  I am talking about the AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Individuals who are the backbone of … Click Here to Read More


There is so much happening so quickly on a day to day basis I cannot fit all the videos into the “What’s Happening” article for the month.  I have been trying to spread them out across my existing articles where possible… but still no room.  I decided to make this article to cover exclusively the … Click Here to Read More