The Rapture.  Very interesting topic.  Most people never even gave it too much thought, until in the past few decades it became a hot topic, even more so as time progresses.  The thing about the “rapture” is that is so heavily veiled.  We know that God did not want the date of Jesus Birth to … Click Here to Read More

They Swore an Oath – Octagon

If you have never heard it before, the elite themselves claim to be direct descendants of the ancient gods/goddesses who are the Fallen Angels who corrupted all flesh. The Fallen Angels were the FIRST OATH TAKERS.  They banded together and took an oath to swear that they would keep to their agreement. Then their leader … Click Here to Read More


Well, science is in the news again.  Once again they are coming out and telling people they are controlling the weather.  But, many people just can not see or hear the truth.  So many truthers are out hear, telling you what they are doing to our environment, but you rather believe their lies.  Rather accept … Click Here to Read More

SKYWATCH TV – Christmas Was Jewish… And Nothing About It Was Pagan!

Sorry, I read that on the SkyWatch TV email and all I could say was “SHAME ON SKYWATCHTV!”  The TRUTH is that Christmas is NEITHER JEWISH NOR CHRISTIAN!!  IT IS PAGAN! I am sure it is hard for folks to let go of Christmas, so they reach for any little straw that might justify continuing … Click Here to Read More


One has to wonder.  Is the 2023 DAVOS meeting just a place holder, made up of “B” listers just there to have a physical presence in the MOUNTAINS for the Magic Workings?  Are the main characters meeting secretly in MUNICH?  What EXACTLY are they planning there?  WORLD WAR III? One thing we know for certain … Click Here to Read More


Do people really listen to what comes out of Bill Gates?  Do they pay attention to him when he is speaking?  His mannerisms and his facial expressions?  To me, his behavior is beyond bizarre.  Seems like every new crazy trend that comes along, he’s already in it up to his eyeballs.  It is so hard … Click Here to Read More

Here it COMES! Are YOU Ready?

This is a repost of an earlier post that got corrupted. Here it COMES! Are YOU Ready? March 2, 2022 by Cynthia RESTORED 10/5/22 FOLKS, if you can look around at what is happening in this world today and NOT SEE that the END is at the door, you are spiritually dead.  You need a savior/redeemer. There … Click Here to Read More

WEF 2023 – GO SNOW

Scientists are They are heating up our atmosphere deliberately using lasers, microwaves, radio waves, fusion, fission, electromagnetic waves and mirrors in space.  They already have been telling us for years that they can control the weather.  Many countries have been doing it for years and there are companies/corporations that sell the service and/or the supplies … Click Here to Read More


It is that time of year again and the NWO Warlords are meeting Davos.  I am not going to say much as an intro.  There is a lot of information that follows and I have made comments throughout. I will say once again, that I have no idea whey these arrogant elites have been tolerated … Click Here to Read More

Urgent Warning for California

WILTON, CALIFORNIA COULD BECOME AN ISLAND.  THERE COULD BE NO WAY TO LEAVE IF YOU DON;T LEAVE NOW! ‘Leave now’ emergency managers plead with some California residents before next storm hits Story by Hillary Andrews • Yesterday 4:32 PM WILTON, Calif. – “Leave now,” emergency managers warn Wilton, California residents. The next rainmaker is closing in on the … Click Here to Read More

Where does the MONEY Go??

I know that the United States of America is full of loving, giving, compassionate people.  Throughout our history there has never been a nation that has poured itself out for others like the USA!  I am not talking about the billions of dollars the US Government has spent on foreign aid. I am talking about … Click Here to Read More


Ok folks, get ready!  2023 is going to be an earth shattering year.  Off to a bang up start it is coming in with calamities and catastrophes galore. California is about to be hit by a major bomb cyclone!  Weather that is unprecedented, totally out of the ordinary.  They want you to believe that these … Click Here to Read More

Where is our Humanity?

UPDATES ADDED 1/6/23 As we all suffer through this crazy weather with it’s bitter cold and blankets of snow, crazy Tornados and Tropical Storms out of season, Droughts, Flooding, Earthquakes and Volcanos, and terrific Winds; I just want us all to keep thoughts and prayers in our hearts and minds for those who have lost … Click Here to Read More


Hopefully everyone is aware that PORTALS have been opened all over the Earth.  Portals that allow spirits to move through the veil into our realm.  Really this happens every time there is an Industrial Revolution.  This is generally because people have lost faith in GOD and feel helpless.  They are looking for some control over … Click Here to Read More