FOLKS, This is a very short post.  I just felt compelled to share it. I really believe GOD is speaking a special message to us. The first thing I saw today when I opened my Youtube feed was the following video Thumbnail.  I was immediately struck with the blood splat visual.  I went to the … Click Here to Read More


Dear Friends, I just cannot believe the cost of moving from Texas to Michigan.  The distance is the problem and everything related is based on distance.  I am so thankful that we have managed to work out the details for the move and until yesterday, we seemed to have all we needed. However, yesterday we … Click Here to Read More

Rapture – ARE YOU READY?

I had started collecting these videos regarding the COMING RAPTURE.  I don’t have time right no to add my thoughts.  But, I wanted to get this out to you.  Hopefully you will find these videos a blessing and that they help you prepare you heart, soul, mind and spirit for the COMING OF THE LORD! … Click Here to Read More

COMMUNIQUE regarding next few weeks

Dear Friends and Brothers and Sister in Christ, I want to thank everyone who has been praying for our move, sending words of encouragement, and/or blessing us finanically. For the next three weeks, I will probably not be posting much if anything new.   I have focus on preparing, packing and physically moving my household to … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE ADDED 2/24/24 Well, about this time last year, we had a Chinese Spy Balloon overhead.  This year instead of Montana we have a Balloon over Utah, making its way  through our western States. We don’t know who it belongs to, how it got here, or what it is doing in our airspace. At a … Click Here to Read More


In today’s economy so many people are feeling the pinch at the grocery store.  Many of those who are fortunate to have a little piece of land have taken to backyard gardening to help stretch their grocery budget.  Many people are sharing with their neighbors, some are even selling some of their harvest to bolster … Click Here to Read More


GREETINGS TO ALL MY READERS AND FRIENDS!! Dear Friends, I wanted to let you all know where we stand on our Moving expenses.  If you can help us meet our need, we will be o thankful. $1128.80  Budget 16 ft Truck, furniture dolly and padding $128.00 car dolly $300  Food  x  3 people  /  5 … Click Here to Read More

WAVE ON WAVE – Communication via Light

Communication what a complex, multi-faceted Word. It is so vital to our existence and so core to our relationships. Communication simply put is a verbal or written exchange.  I talk, you listen.  You talk, I listen.  Both parties are intently involved in the process. Originally the only way to communicate was to be face to … Click Here to Read More

Attack on our Communications Network?

UPDATE ADDED 2/23/24 I happened to be up in the wee hours this morning.  I often work through the night on the website.  I do recall vaguely noticing some kind of alarm go off on my phone.  I dismissed it, thinking that it was likely another update from Apple. This morning I had missed a … Click Here to Read More


This is not the first time that the world has tried to impose a two-state solution on Israel.  One thing I know for certain, if it is not GOD’s WILL…it ain’t happnin.  Woe , woe to anyone who tries to divide GODS land.  I know that most of the world looks at things through secular … Click Here to Read More

Rise of the Indigenous People

UPDATE ADDED 2/23/24; UPDATE 2/25/24 Each February, Anti White Racism Awareness Month.  Did you know that?  I certainly did not. While it is still February, do something to acknowledge Anti-White Racism Month. Yes, there is a movement to steal, kill and destroy all Whites.  Isn’t that something?  It is scary and it is REAL!  I … Click Here to Read More

at that time shall Michael stand up

Now, I don’t know what you think about it, but I see all the forced/orchestrated/mass immigration going on in our current society and I would call that “running to and fro.”   Some people say the bible reference is related to commercial air travel… however, we have had people traveling by air for many year already.  … Click Here to Read More

2024 ECLIPSE – What does it MEAN? What will it Bring?

UPDATE ADDED 2/24/24; UPDATE ADDED 2/25/24 There is much ADO about the coming Solar Eclipse.  Yes, I understand that everyone has grown weary of hearing about the coming judgement and the speculations on the Rapture.  However, God is not slow, as we consider slow.  He is allowing plenty of time and opportunity for people to … Click Here to Read More

FRANCIS creating 7,000 Greta Thunbergs!

I have to say that when I heard this story, I WAS APPALLED!  Indignation would not allow me to rest until I got this post up. If you are familiar with Great Thunberg, you understand that she is tool in the hands of the globalist and their Climate Change Agenda to take control of the … Click Here to Read More