CONTINUING COVERAGE OF THE LA PALMA EVENT UPDATE: 01/12/2022; 8:46:34 AM La Palma Volcano Eruption 2021: New Dangers Emerge as Eruption Stops TomoNews US Dec 30, 2021 LA PALMA, CANARY ISLANDS — The La Palma eruption was declared over on Christmas Day, but reactivation can’t be ruled out and other major issues are now coming … Click Here to Read More

Why Pirates and Mermaids – Part 10 – MamiWata the Root behind the Craze. Restored

MEET THE SPIRIT BEHIND THE MERMAID CRAZE.  I am telling you if you are not already aware, that there is an evil agenda behind all this Mermaid phenomenon that is being advanced and promoted by the LameStream Media and the Illumined Ones.  I learned about the history of this Spirit when I happened upon an … Click Here to Read More

Why Pirates & Mermaids – Part 6 – Why the Obsession with Merfolk?

Fairies, mermaids, gnomes, trolls, jinn, brownies, leprechauns  – all of these all do exist.  They are spiritual entities that can manifest in physical form.   We are not to interact with these beings.  That is why GOD put a protective veil between the spiritual realm and the natural realm.  Some of them even today, have physical … Click Here to Read More