Too Flooded to Burn

BURNING MAN attendees enjoyed a Rainbow over their disaster area.  I wonder if that is thank to the CLIMATE CHANGE GODS as a promise not to drown them?

RESTORED: 9/5/23
There is lots of chatter online about this years BRUNING MAN event out in the desert of Nevada.  I have been seeing it pop up but was not really paying attention. I have covered the spiritual truths about Burning Man multiple times.  I just did not feel moved to post on it again. However, this morning my attention was brought to it again when a friend of mine asked me about the connection between Burning Man and Wickerman.  I was surprised because this particular friend is one of my strongest encouragers.  He saves as much of stuff as he can.  I wondered how he had missed it.  Well, in putting together an email to respond to his question…I saw some things that made me decide to post once again on the topic.

All the loonies are at it again in Nevada.  And among them an OBama associate.  Where is Obama not present or represented?  

Neal Katyal, a law professor at Georgetown University and former acting solicitor general in the Obama administration, said that he and several others hiked six miles to Gerlach, the nearest town.

Mr. Katyal and his group filled their backpacks with the essentials: “flashlights, water, extra socks — some of us like me had to bring our computers,” he said. They put plastic bags on their bare feet, socks over the top of them, and then put their boots or shoes on to “avoid being soaked,” he said.

“The hike was quite hard,” Mr. Katyal said, adding that the mud was “extremely sticky and heavy” and some people in the group almost fell. He expressed concern for those still looking to depart. “I think it is going to be very hard for people to leave for some days, but I think so many of the folks there have such a good spirit, dancing and making the most of it,” he said.   SOURCE

When you don’t have the spirit of GOD, you go looking for spirits where ever you can find them.  Friendly or not.  Or at least some kind of environment that makes you feel good. Especially if you are allowed to act wild and crazy and free and loose.  Anything goes at Burning Man.  

I have multiple posts that clears up for you what BURNING MAN is all about.  It is an EVIL PAGAN RITUAL they are working to resurrect, whether knowingly or unknowingly.  The devil doesn’t care if you are cognizant, he prefers you to be blind and ignorant.

These modern day hippies think it is all about peace and love and getting in touch with nature.  IT IS NOT.  This is the devil’s imitation of God’s love and peace/shalom.  These folks are like little children dancing around naked, laughing and playing in the sun and the sand while the world BURNS!

I did pick up on something interesting. Though this was not a fire, something very similar to what we have seen in the Paradise fires in California, the CONCEPTION FIRE of the coast of California and the MAUI FIRES.  Also somewhat in the Canary Island volcano.  All escape routes were cut off. 

Whether or not you die in an event like this is not the issue.  The issue is that the ELITE want you to know that they are in CONTROL and YOU are at THEIR MERCY.  That is the message.  Not only that, these events are like training events.  Training the AI on how things will go when they implement a future event.  They collect a lot of data and feed it to the AI learning software.  In other words, the people suffering through these tragedies are experimental lab rats.  They matter no more than that to the ELITE.

Seems like the elite are sending us a message.

Image result for trapped like rats


At the end of this post is a list of related posts.  Check them out for a fuller understanding of the truth about Samhain/Burning Man/Wickerman.



The Black Rock Desert can appear at first glance to be lifeless—other than, of course, the silly humans who build a city there every summer—but this is far from the truth. Anyone familiar with the high desert knows that even out on a dry lakebed, the skies carry soaring ravens and buzzing insects, the fairy shrimp slumber below ground waiting for rain, and countless other species roam the transition zones where the playa edges into scrub and wetlands. But all that life pales in comparison to the endless menagerie of imagined animals we bring with us every time we come to Burning Man. The mythic beasts we carry with us in our minds—imagined or idealized, objects of fear or fancy, the animal spirits that populate our dreams and are so often brought to life on the playa: boars and horses and bears, wild geese and giant bison, snakes and squids and space whales, oh my! 

And, of course us humanimals, a species of ape noted for complex language, advanced tool use, and lording it over the rest of the biosphere like we’re special.    

Boy, they sure want people to hate themselves; or believing life is sacred; for being born in a wealthy nation; for believing the bible, for not accepting Evolution or the Globe or Sun Worship; for being fair skinned; heck for just being HUMAN.  They keep planting those ideas in your brain and reinforcing them daily.  YOU are the reason for CLIMATE CHANGE, YOU ARE THE REASON THERE ARE POOR, HUNGRY CHILDREN, YOU ARE THE REASON THE EPIDEMIC SPREAD, YOU ARE THE REASON OR EVERY EVIL IN THE WORLD.  You know what comes next don’t you??   WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE!!!  KILL YOURSELF OR LET US KILL YOU!

This year’s Burning Man theme will celebrate the animal world and our place in it—animals real and imagined, mythic and remembered—and explore the curious mental constructs that allow us to believe that imagined animals are real, real animals are imagined, and that somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary, mankind is somehow not part of the animal kingdom.  

When animals behave like humans or when humans behave like animals, don’t be surprised, because in every animal there is a human and in every human there is an animal!” ―Mehmet Murat ildan


This is the natural progression for the PETER PAN GENERATION.  HUMANS WHO NEVER WANT TO GROW UP!  IMAGINATION of the type shown above is for CHILDREN.  

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. — 1 Corinthians 13:11

In truth even for children too much allowance for imagination can be a dangerous thing.  Children need to be taught to be sober minded and serious when it is appropriate to be so.  Imagination should have limits.  It can be a slippery slope.

The idea that grown humans should believe that they are animals, or Barbie dolls, or aliens, etc..  or that they should believe that animal hybrids are real (well in this day to believe they are natural, because we know they are being created.) or that REAL ANIMALS like dogs, cats, cows, deer, etc are NOT REAL is utterly ridiculous and serves no good purpose.  

THE idea that children are not born either male or female, and that they can choose the form with which they identify is utter madness.  Obviously, that was just the beginning of their mind games.  They will not stop until nothing is real.  A world where reality and truth no longer exist.  EVERY THING IS FAKE/FALSE/A LIE/A DECEIT.   Anyone who accepts that as their reality will not survive long.  Well, at least they will not be able to maintain their sanity.  Their minds will not be able to cope.  There must be definitions, constructs, boundaries in our world for our bodies, minds and spirits to maintain their natural functions.

TO BELIEVE in your heart that HUMAN BEINGS are merely animals is a affront to the Loving Father GOD who created us in HIS OWN IMAGE.  We are not animals.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  We are a separate creation all together.  We are made in the image and likeness of GOD, given the ability to CREATE.  We are far above the animals and for the moment only a little below the ANGELS.  That is soon to change as our Father has told us that we are to JUDGE ANGELS.  Angels have to bow to humans.  Of course if you do not believe there is a GOD in Heaven who created you and loves you, than you will buy into whatever they have to sell.  I feel sorry for you.   I am doing my best to prevent that very thing from happening TO YOU.


BURNING MAN AT RAINBOW’s END!!  – Rainbow over the Man, 2023 (Photo by Josh Lease)

Note the cloud in the photo above.  It appears to be in the shape of an open hand on an extended arm.  UNREAL!


Burning Man 2023 live: New details revealed about festival death as organisers plough on with finale plans

Burning Man washout has led to spread of rampant – and debunked – conspiracy theories online including false claims of an Ebola outbreak

Andrea Blanco,Alisha Rahaman Sarkar,Ariana Baio

Thousands stranded at Burning Man Festival after heavy rain

New details have been released about the death of a man at the Burning Man festival after around 70,000 attendees were trapped on the site in the midst of an unexpected storm.

Burning Man descended into chaos over the weekend as severe flooding left thousands stuck on site, the entrance was closed and revelers were urged to conserve water, food and fuel. 

Officials revealed on Saturday that one person had died at the Nevada desert festival.

On Sunday, Burning Man Communications said in a statement that the death was “unrelated to the weather”. The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the death.

The drama has led to spread of rampant – and debunked – conspiracy theories online including false claims of an Ebola outbreak.

Meanwhile, Burning Man said that the site is expected to open on Monday morning, though obviously weather-dependant.

The festival is also ploughing on with plans to burn its iconic effigy later today after it was postponed due to the severe rain and flooding.

“The Man burn will not happen tonight, Sunday, it is now scheduled for Monday 9/4, at 9pm,” the festival said in an update 

Weather expected to be sunny today

The National Weather Service (NWS) said the weather near the Black Rock Desert is expected to be sunny with a high of 75°F making for better conditions for attendees to leave.

Burning Man is already a test of “radical self-sufficiency” for festival goers but the 2023 event brought more hurdles than most would have imagined.

The start of the counter-culture festival was delayed by a rare hurricane on the west coast. Then climate activists blocked the only road leading to the site in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert before being rammed by a tribal park ranger in his patrol truck. (That incident is now under investigation.)

From Thursday, heavy rains have poured on the desert area causing heavy flooding. This weekend, organizers and local authorities closed the roads for the remainder of the festival and told those en route to turn around and go home.

Then, a death investigation was announced.

Burning Man attendees are preparing to be able to leave the flooded site after thousands were stranded there over the weekend.

Event organisers said in an update on Sunday night that the “Exodus” is expected to resume on Monday morning.

“We will be opening for Exodus on Monday morning 9/4. We will inform the community as soon as we make the decision by 9am,” the statement read.


Burning Man 2023: With no estimate of reopening time, Burners party in the rain and mud

Trevor Hughes

Published 8:57 am on September 2, 2023; Updated 2:04 pm September 3, 2023

Editor’s note: For the latest news on the Burning Man festival, see our updates here.

BLACK ROCK CITY, Nevada — Burning Man has closed its entrance and exits gates and told its approximately 73,000 attendees  to conserve food, fuel and water as continuing rains make driving off the Black Rock Desert near-impossible and authorities investigated a death at the event.

One can’t help but wonder why all the secrecy about the death a Burning Man.  Their have been rumor of Ebola at the event which they claim to be a “conspiracy theory”.  I would not have given it too much thought, but why have they released ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the person that died, how they died, why they died, when they died, or where in the camp they died.  They like to keep the suspense going and that breeds suspicion and people begin to theorize.  

“I think it’s just a waiting game now,” said Max Spooner, who walked through the city with a mattress strapped to his back. Spooner said his tent got wet on Friday night and he retrieved dry bedding from his car via a long, slippery walk. “Survival mode, here we go.”


The Bureau of Land Management released a statement Saturday, saying Burning Man entry is now closed for good:

“Officials from BLM and the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office have closed ingress to the Burning Man event effective immediately and for the remainder of the event. Participants inbound for the event should turn around and head home.

Rain over the last 24 hours has created a situation that required a full stop of vehicle movement on the playa. More rain is expected over the next few days and conditions are not expected to improve enough to allow vehicles to enter the playa.”

The BLM is the federal agency overseeing the public land that Burning Man is held on.

The sheriff’s office said the death occurred during the festival but provided no further details, KNSD-TV reported.

There was no estimated time for reopening, and thousands of attendees are facing the potential of missing flights, failing to return rental cars or failing to return to work Tuesday. The event is set to officially end Monday but many people begin leaving Saturday night or Sunday.

The closures and order to remain in shelter come as the event was supposed to reach its zenith on Saturday night with the burning of the giant wooden Man effigy towering over the temporary city. All vehicle traffic within the encampment has been halted, including servicing for the thousands of portable toilets that make the event possible. Organizers have also begun rationing ice sales.

Many attendees appeared to remain in good spirits, playing beer pong in the muddy streets or splashing in the standing water. Techno continued echoing around the encampment, and spontaneous dance parties kept breaking out. Walking was almost impossible Saturday morning, but started to improve as the ground began to dry. Then it began raining again.

Frolicking in the mud and water!

Given the conditions, which include forecast rain Sunday, it appears unlikely anyone will be permitted to drive out soon. Burning Man officials have not provided a comprehensive update on conditions, departure timing or even the multiple art burns scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Longtime attendees said they can’t remember a burn with this much rain.

Earlier, organizers banned vehicle traffic from the roads Friday afternoon and kept the exit gates closed as Saturday morning. Even walking was treacherous as thick, slimy mud clung to shoes and anything else it touched.

Organizers on Friday and Saturday warned attendees to conserve their food and water, indicating the closures could be lengthy. The Burning Man radio station known as BMIR and a social media account have been providing updates to attendees.

Driving is virtually impossible... No literally impossible.

Cell phone service is virtually nonexistent at the event, and only a few people have access to satellite Internet for updates. Burning Man attendees are expected to be completely self-sufficient for the duration of their stay, bringing in all the food, water and shelter they need.

Dawn brought a growing realization for attendees that they might not be going home as planned, given rain forecast for later Saturday into Sunday. And while Saturday morning is usually full of anticipation for the Man effigy burn, this Saturday arrived quietly.

Only a few people braved the muddy roads, trying to find their way back to their camps after a night of partying elsewhere.

After using the portable toilets, Angelov Franco of Colombia hiked up the garbage bags on his feet and duck-walked across the muddy street toward his camp. This is his 13th burn, he said, and he’s never seen anything like the mud. Still, he wasn’t going to complain.

“This is going to be fun,” he said. “Hopefully the sun will come out after the rain.”



The Burning Man Effigy. Notice the very familiar graphene shapes?

The poor weather came just as attendance and activities were beginning to peak, and forced the cancellation of multiple large scale art burns Friday night.

“No driving is permitted on playa except for emergency vehicles,” event organizers said in a 5 a.m. statement. “If you are in (Black Rock City), please shelter in place and stay safe.”

They added separately: “If you are in BRC, conserve food and water, shelter in a warm space.”

of course they have the sacred bull of BAAL Worship!

MORE COVERAGE:Burning Man is filled with wild art, sights and nudity. Some people bring their kids.

On Saturday night attendees are supposed to watch the Man effigy that looms over the encampment burn and explode with fireworks, followed Sunday by the burning of the Temple of the Heart.

The event officially ends Monday in a mass departure known as Exodus.

Before the event officially started Aug. 27, organizers closed the gates to early arrivals for several days after the remnants of Hurricane Hillary swamped the area.

A mirror bearing the phrase “may today be the day you love each other the least” reflect the dusk at Burning Man. Trevor Hughes/USA TODAY

Three years since it last announced a new physical structure, the temple for this year’s Burning Man has been revealed as an “upside-down desert flower, designed by Ela Madej and Reed Finlay.


Desert Rose Meaning

Fuguihua is the desert rose flower in Chinese. Broken down, fu – abundant or rich – GUI – majestic – Hua – flowermeans a prosperity flower or wealth plant. The bulging stem is also a sacred symbol of abundance, prosperity, good fortune, and fertility. So, the thicker the trunk, the more abundant and wealthy in this belief.

Then in feng shui, this auspicious flower is suitable for all homes. Moreover, the desert rose flower is adaptable and allows them to survive harsh climates. Therefore, it also symbolizes resilience, hope, persistence, and strengthSource

Interesting Facts and Characteristics of the Desert Rose Flower

Desert Rose ornamental shrubs are highly valued for their chubby, swollen, twisting caudexthick stem base. It produces trumpet-shaped, tubular flowers in pink or red with a 5 cm length and a 7 cm diameter.

Leaves are sparse, ovate, glossy, leathery, and spirally arranged with stiff stems that gradually taper upwards. The trumpet flowers grow in clusters on the ends of the crooked branches. The bark is a waxy gray that contrasts with the green foliage.

The Desert Rose is not a real rose, nor is it related to the Rosaceae family. The flowers also don’t share any resemblance to roses or have thorns.  Source

Desert Rose – History and Origin

The Desert Rose grows native to tropical Africa specifically the sub-Saharan regions of southwest and eastern Africa. style=”color: #ff0000; font-size: 14pt;”>However, it’s also native to the southern portion of the Arabian Peninsula – Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman. (Is everyone catching the Muslim connections?)
This plant was discovered in 1762 in Yemen by German scientist Pehr Forsskal, a European explorer voyaging through Africa under the sponsorship of the Danish king. Shortly after, other explorers found the plant in other African regions of central Tanzania and Kenya. Source

The Desert Rose – etymology

Desert Rose – Adenium obesum – plants are members of the Apocynaceae (dogbanefamily, classified as ornamental evergreen semi-succulent shrubs.

Adenium comes from the Latin version of the Arabic word for this flower oddaejn. Obesum translates to obese or swollen, referencing the trunk’s shape. Sourc

Now this may or may not be the Desert Flower that was implied here.  It may or may not be the rose implied.  But, I found both types of Desert Rose, the plant and the mineral very interesting and very connected to the intent of the Burning Man event as presented


Science & Origin of Desert Rose Selenite

Desert Rose Selenite, also known as Gypsum Rose or Sand Rose, is a type of Selenite formed from a combination of water, wind, and sand. Sand becomes embedded in Selenite blades, while additions of water overtime help form the signature “rosette” formation.
These tend to be formed over a couple of hundred years, rather than like a majority of crystals and minerals which have formed millions, and sometimes billions of years ago.
Desert Rose Selenite is commonly found in most deserts around the world in countries such as Mexico, style=”color: #ff0000;”>Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Tunisia, and Afghanistan   except for Mexico and Australia those are 99% Muslim

Meaning & Energy

Desert Rose Selenite is the perfect meditation tool that helps one stay grounded and balanced. This mineral actives our root, crown, and sacral chakras that assist in mental clarity and focus, manifestation, and self-expression, and unlocking our divine will.

Titled Temple of the Heart, the structure’s design has been heavily influenced by floral motifs,
and sees 12 points gathered around a central “Heart Chamber”. The overarching flower theme continues beyond the shape of the pavilion itself, and inside, traditional floral lace patterns from Eastern Europe will be used on the ceiling panels, in reference to Madej’s Polish heritage


(Arabic:  مشربية). A projecting window enclosed with carved wooden screens located on the second floor of a building or higher. Mashrabiyas are elements of traditional Arab domestic architecture. They provide shade and privacy, and allow for ventilation of interior spaces. Also spelled mashrabiyya. Web resource here.

The mashrabiya originated in the ancient world. As a scalable latticed window screen, whose intricate geometries developed with the spread of Islam, it provided ventilation, shade, and privacy to buildings. Today, as restoration efforts revive centuries-old architecture across Cairo and an interest in craft is rekindled by a global maker movement, the wood-turned mashrabiya are not only poignant metaphors for artists, architects, and writers but also sources of inspiration for nascent wood artisans.  SOURCE

Visitors can enter the Temple of the Heart via one of four entrances, each surrounded by a fence and gates that create courtyards around the main structure. Once inside, they can enter the “Outer Ring”, which is dotted with 12 alcoves complete with built-in seating – intended to be a space for relaxation, stillness and reflection.

Past this corridor-like section is the Heart Chamber. Here, the designers have created a focal point dubbed the “Rose Altar”, which will be lit to create a glowing-from-within-appearance and will be scattered in approximately 100 large and medium-sized wooden roses.

We know that ROSES are a very important symbol to the Templars/Illuminati/Rosicrucians.  To learn more about the symbolism of ROSES.  Check out this post: 

Platinum Symbolism

“In bringing this Temple to the playa, we want to experiment with how much of our hearts we can insert into Her in the next eight months,” Madej says. “The Burning Man Temple is the most remarkable place for deep sharing, grieving, and celebration,” Reed adds, “and we feel a great responsibility to provide a space that respects those profound experiences.”


EXCERPTS from: Spirituality and Community: The Process and Intention of bringing a Temple to Black Rock City

Since the year 2000, there has been a Temple at Burning Man, and when we talk about the Temple, most people think of what started that year with David Best and Jack Haye, and became a long line of temples that have graced the playa. The Temple has evolved from what became a memorial to their friend into an “emotional nexus” of our community, where thousands make pilgrimage each year to remember those they have lost, to celebrate and affirm life, to heal and to forgive


Nexus entered English during the seventeenth century from the Latin word nectere, meaning “to bind or tie.”

Yoga: The Path to God

The Svetasvatara Upanishad is mankind’s oldest exposition of yoga, which in these verses means meditation. The Rishi speaks in theistic terms, revealing the religious nature of the Vedas. It is important to note in this context that the root of the word religion is religare meaning “to tie back ” to God. Similarly, yoga means “to yoke ” the lower mind with the Higher Mind. Here these two are one: the Rishi’s exhortation to know God and his unveiling of the practice of meditation are inextricably integrated. We are sure he would be aghast at the modern obfuscation, unfortunately repeated even by many Hindus, that says, “Hinduism is not a religion.” These few verses and subsequent chapters make it simple and clear: Hinduism is indeed religion, and yoga is its highest form of worship.

Hindu and Buddhist faiths are SUN worship. Every aspect of yoga is a posture for worshipping the sun.  Meditation opens you up to demonic forces NOT TO GOD.

2 Corinthians 6:14-18 KJV

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, And touch not the unclean thing; And I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, And ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty

EVERYONE, except the Hebrews, was under the Authority and Lordship of DEMONIC forces prior to CHRIST’s  RESURRECTION.  THAT IS WHAT HE CAME TO SET US FREE FROM.  SLAVERY to Demons.  We were YOKED to demonic spirits. and without hope.  When Christ came and His disciples went out to share the GOOD NEWS, people KNEW what they were talking about.  They LIVED under that oppression for thousands of years.  THE world has forgotten what that was like.  And now these people, lead by demonic spirits, want to get you back under the weight of that YOKE!  DON’T FALL FOR IT!   


This video is chuck full of the lies they are peddling.  Watch OUT!  Myself and others like me are HERE WARNING YOU.  If you fall into their trap, if you buy into their deceit, you will end up in HELL!  That is no joke.  It is too late in the game to take chances..  There is no time for sugar coating.  The enemy of your soul is hunting you down.  BEWARE!

I have so many posts about Eastern Teaching, Religion and Philosophy.  I have no time or room to go into that here.  If you don’t already know about it…REARCH IT FOR YOURSELF, or find my articles on my webpage. DON’T TAKE THEM AT THEIR WORD.  THEIR WORD IS NOT WORTH A CENT!


Spirituality and Community: The Process and Intention of bringing a Temple to Black Rock City 

 The Article Continues:

In 2012 I was fortunate to meet many of the people who are involved with building the Temple each year and to research what I came to believe are some of the essentials of understanding what the Temple at Burning Man has become. It is a place where our community goes to unburden itself and it is a representation of our maturity as a community as well as a natural manifestation of something sacred in the City of Black Rock.

Interestingly the name of the site where it is held each year is “BLACK ROCK” as in the STONE IN THE BLACK CUBE, the Kaaba Stone.

Black Stone

The Black Stone was held in reverence well before Islam. It had long been associated with the Kaaba, which was built in the pre-Islamic period and was a site of pilgrimage of Nabataeans who visited the shrine once a year to perform their pilgrimage. The Kaaba held 360 idols of the Meccan gods.[14][15] The Semitic cultures of the Middle East had a tradition of using unusual stones to mark places of worship, while bowing, worshiping and praying to such sacred objects is also described in the Tanakh as idolatrous[16] and was the subject of prophetic rebuke.[17][18][19][20][21][22] The meteorite-origin theory of the Black Stone has seen it likened by some writers to the meteorite which was placed and worshipped in the Greek Temple of Artemis.[23][24][25]

The Kaaba has been associated with fertility rites of Arabia.[26][27][failed verification] Some writers remark on the apparent similarity of the Black Stone and its frame to the external female genitalia.[28][29] However, the silver frame was placed on the Black Stone to secure the fragments, after the original stone was broken.[30][31]

 That does not rule out the fact that it does resemble the female genitalia.  Infact, it give it more credence, since the silver around it was fashioned by humans who viewed the stone as sacred and connect to fertility and fertility rites/rituals/ceremonies.  

BURNING MAN is also considered to a related to fertility, fertility rites/rituals/ceremonies.  I see a strong connection.

For many Burners, the Temple is a vital place where those who build it possess a solemnity and a respect for that process. It is also a place for those who attend the event to use for grieving or celebration of life in an environment that is in contrast to a lot of the rollicking and outrageous things happening elsewhere on the playa that week in late summer.

photo by d’andre

Stopping to read the remembrances of so many loved friends, family and pets who have passed on, seeing the pictures of so many of them, pausing at the altars and shrines where people have lovingly placed tokens of their lost one’s lives, well, that can really get you right in your plexus where you feel that big sorrowful empathy wave. The Temple is a profound space where some of us who have lost loved ones can let them know that they are still loved and missed, but that it is all ok, they can pass and we can move on.

It is a heavy place.  If you’ve been there, you know what I mean.

photo by Steven Fritz



Temple of the Heart is the official 2023 Burning Man Temple. She’s a vessel for reconnecting with our hearts and a space for communal healing. Holding space for anyone processing grief, She helps channel it up to the sky. Through flowers, Eastern European lacing, and warm feminine energy, She induces the feelings of maternal love, acceptance, and protection.



Excerpts from: Ashes to ashes

Death rites have become private and tepid affairs. The Burning Man Temple brings a fiery edge to modern mourning.

The Temple of Juno at the Burning Man festival 2012 in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Why ‘Juno’?

This year’s (2012) temple was known as ‘The Temple of Juno’. Why the name? The theme for this year’s Burning Man event was ‘Fertility 2.0’. Juno was a Roman goddess who had many roles and epithets; among those that she held were as a fertility deity and overseer of childbirth, a protectress of women and the community, and a preserver of marriages.


From Middle EnglishJuno, from LatinIūnō of uncertain origin. One hypothesis is derivation from Proto-Indo-European*dyúh₃onh₂-(she of heavenlyauthority), from *dyew-(skyheaven) + *-Hō(burdenauthority), reflecting her role as goddess of rulers. Another is derivation from Proto-Indo-European*h₂yúh₃onh₂-(the younggoddess), from *h₂eyu-(long timelifetime) + *-Hō(burden, authority), making it cognate with Latin iuvenis(young). Both would have produced the unattested early Latin form *Iuvō, declined with the root Iūn- and eventually normalized to Iūnō.

Juno Definition & Meaning
Juno · the ancient Roman queen of heaven, a daughter of Saturn and the wife and sister of Jupiter: the protector of women and marriage

Juno, in Roman religion, chief goddess and female counterpart of Jupiter, closely resembling the Greek Hera, with whom she was identified. With Jupiter and Minerva, she was a member of the Capitoline triad of deities traditionally introduced by the Etruscan kings. Juno was connected with all aspects of the life of women, most particularly married life. Ovid (Fasti, Book V) relates that Juno was jealous of Jupiter for giving birth to Minerva from his own head. After Flora gave her an herb, Juno gave birth to Mars.

As Juno Lucina (from he root LUCIFER), goddess of childbirth, she had a temple on the Esquiline from the 4th century BC.   Why childbirth, because the fall of Mankind changed our birthing process and caused us to be BORN IN SIN – because of Lucifer.

A daughter of Saturn, she was the sister and wife of Jupiter and the mother of Mars, Vulcan, Bellona and Juventas.

 As Juno Moneta (“the Warner”), she had a temple on the Arx (the northern summit of the Capitoline Hill) from 344 BC; it later housed the Roman mint, and the words “mint” and “money” derive from the name. 

Her statue is shown on the right.  REMIND YOU OF ANY OTHER STATUE?  LIKE the STATUE OF LIBERTY?


In the early hours before the its coming demise, the temple was quiet, except for some Hare Krishnas chanting in one corner of the courtyard and a guitarist playing through a small amplifier in the other. Inside, a woman dressed up in red lace meditated in the lotus position in front of the central altar while the man next to her, coated entirely in silver paint, took photos of the altar and its offerings.Some ‘Burners’ (as the festivalgoers are called) wore furs against the morning chill. Others were sunburned and naked, oblivious to the dust and the cold. They were busy writing or reading messages, praying softly to themselves, weeping.

The air was thick with grief and loss. Every surface of the walls, arches, stairs, and altars was covered with messages, letters, photos, and offerings. The face of a beloved German Shepherd, its collar hanging from a picture frame; the smile of a grandmother in a yellowed photo; the military uniform of a father — they all sat side by side on an altar, strangers until now.

Some messages spoke of the living: ‘May the cancer in the cells of all who are living with that disease melt away by the graceful fire of this temple and the true and clear prayers of us all that we offer this evening.’ But most were dedicated to the beloved dead: ‘This burn was for my brother Bill who died in June of this year… he was in the temple now I can put his ashes away.’ And ‘For my beloved — in the light you still guide me … the universe can feel just how much I miss you.’ And: ‘For my little sis… died age five… never had a chance.’ No boundaries or borders distinguished one person’s grief from another’s. Mourning was contagious, afflicting us all as we gazed on thousands of photos of dead sons, mothers, lovers and pets, a three-dimensional collage of collective loss.

An atmosphere thick with grief: mementos of the dead adorn the Temple of Juno   2012

The Temple is built in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada at the end of every summer, as part of the Burning Man festival.  Started in 1986 by the artist Larry Harvey, who burned an effigy on a beach in San Francisco which drew a small crowd, the festival is now bursting at the seams, with more than 50,000 attendees from around the world. The organisers want to increase attendance to 75,000, if they can get permission from the Bureau of Land Management, a government agency that manages the desert. Burning Man has also spawned regional ‘Burns’ from Australia to New Jersey, as well as ‘Decompressions’ and ‘Afterburn’ parties.

As a sacred destination, Burning Man is rife with contradictions, some of them disturbing

Events such as Burning Man are flourishing in the US, especially among young adults. According to Burning Man’s census, close to half of attendees are under 30 years old. Polls show that the number of Americans of all ages exploring spirituality outside institutional religion is on the rise too. Jeet-Kei Leung, musician and organiser of the Mystic Garden festival, proclaims such events as the spiritual wave of the future. In a TED talk in 2010, he praised ‘transformational festivals’ for rejoining ‘sacred ritual with secular festival’. Festivals such as Burning Man offer participants opportunities for pilgrimage, transformation and spiritual experience without requiring any commitment to a specific creed. For many Burners, this is their church or religious holiday:a sacred time and place set apart from ‘the default world’. Like other festivals, it offers an escape from the society they leave outside its gates. As the naked greeters say to those arriving at the festival: ‘Welcome home’. Burning Man is a sacred space that embraces opposites, a place of inversion and dissent, of intense seriousness and lighthearted play.

After travelling many hours along a two-lane highway across a barren desert landscape, Burners feel like pilgrims shedding their old ways, open to new possibilities. But as a sacred destination, Burning Man is rife with contradictions, some of them disturbing. Heavy drug use and drinking coexist with ascetic New Age regimes. A camp down one street is hosted by an evangelical preacher urging passers-by to get saved while, down another, Bianca’s Smut Shack offers pornography. A Buddhist meditation retreat is next door to a rollerskating rink. Trampolines and children’s swimming pools beckon Burners of all ages throughout the city. And the slogan ‘Leave No Trace’ is belied by the trash bags littering the highway leading out from the Burning Man site. This place, which is supposed to be liberated from all ordinariness, nonetheless requires the presence of hundreds of police, fire fighters, emergency medics and drug enforcement officers.

 The Man, an abstract sculpture that looms over the festival space, is a universally recognised symbol of the event. This genderless figure is traced in dust on cars when Burners travel home, painted and tattooed on their bodies, stenciled on banners to decorate camps, and crafted into necklaces to give away to other Burners. It marks the centre of Black Rock City from which everything else emanates.

We know that tattoos are a ritual blood sacrifice, and the symbols selected are worship to the idol or totem of choice.

We also know that banners are very powerful in the spirit.  They whip through the air breaking through the spiritual atmosphere, declaring spiritual truths and calling in or inviting spiritual influences.  God’s Word says “His BANNER over us is LOVE.”

Every year the figure looks the same, but different artists design its base. This year’s arched base was colorfully lit by night, but by day its walls were simple and functional. On them, Burners wrote lighthearted graffiti: ‘Make tea, not war’, ‘You are beautiful, welcome home’, ‘Peace, love, light’. There were no offerings or altars. Burners wandered through, watched each other, chatted with friends, shared cans of beer, and gazed out at the city spread before them. Every year, in an extravaganza of fireworks, rave music, art cars, costumed stilt-walkers, fire-spinning, and wild parties, the Man is burned down on the Saturday of the festival, and revelers cheer and dance around its ashes all night long.

By contrast, down a lantern-lined avenue away from the Man and the city stands the temple. Within the ritualistic space of the whole festival, Burners create the same kind of opposition that exists between Burning Man and the outside society. If the Man is exuberance and excess, the temple offers an experience that is deeper and more intimate. Both are sites of collective rituals, but one is for festivity and play, while the other speaks to sorrow and loss. Each allows for the expression of feelings that are repressed in the outside world. Yet it is the Temple that has become the heart and soul of Burning Man, stealing that honour from the festival’s namesake. The temple too is burned to the ground, but in an altogether different atmosphere.

A dawn gathering at the Temple of Juno on the last day of its ephemeral existence.  2012

What makes the Temple feel sacred,a space to approach with reverence, while the Man is not treated in quite the same way, despite being new every year? Burners might know what they will find at the temple,but what makes it so very powerful are the images of the dead and the intentions of the living invested in the messages and offerings at the altar. The temple speaks to a society looking for new ways to mourn its dead.

In a spectacular, cathartic bonfire, the temple is burned down on the last night of the festival, with tens of thousands of Burners gathered solemnly around it.

This year’s Temple of Juno might have been transported from a mountain monastery in Thailand, with its delicately curved and pointed corners, intricately carved walls and graceful arches.Many Burners had showed up early at the temple’s gatesto find them closed.

We know that GATES and ARCHES arches are PORTALS for Spirits.  Just like doors, windows and Mirrors.  If your gates/doors/windows/archways and Mirrors are not protected by God’s angels, you will be inviting spirits/entities/beings

For the rest of that week, until the ‘Temple Burn,’ they came to leave offerings, meditate, play bagpipes or guitars, write messages to those they had lost, and read messages strangers had left for their parents, grandparents, children, lovers, dogs, and cats. They wept and prayed and embraced one another.  

You need to ask yourself to who or what are they Praying?  To whom are they offering sacrifices?

Soon, the fire was lit and the interruptions forgotten as flames roared and the air grew unbearably hot

There are no spiritual authorities here. No one orchestrates movement through the Temple or decides what happens there. It is a space for the spontaneous rituals of grief.

They may believe that, but it is a lie.  THERE IS ALWAY A SPIRITUAL AUGHTORITY in EVERY SPACE in EVERY MOMENT.  There really are only two, God’s Authority and Satan’s.  Though they see no physical authority, there are spirits in control of everything that happens there.   Even over everything they feel, every thing they say, everything they do, and every image that comes into their mind.

No other festival provides anything like the Temple and its collective mourning rite, but new, experimental ways of mourning the dead are spreading everywhere across the US and other Western countries. The spontaneous shrines to victims who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks might have been seen by the Burners. They might have walked along the Vietnam War memorial and noticed the intimacy that can be found in mourning with strangers. Creativity and self-expression help to fill the place once occupied by socially mandated religious rites. New kinds of grief require new kinds of mourning: the AIDs quilt; new rites for pregnancy loss; organ donor memorials; and roadside shrines. Old rites can be co-opted to meet new needs, as in the popularity across America of the Latino celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Believers Who Have Died

13 Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 14 For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 15 According to the Lord’s word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep.16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. 18 Therefore encourage one another with these words.

Like all of these communal rituals, the Temple transforms private grief into a public rite. Modern death rites have become privatized, shifting the emphasis from the community to the private world of the individual and the family.

Yes, yes, prior to salvation through the blood of Jesus, there was no HOPE for pagans who had died.  There was no promise of eternal life for them.  So, pagan communities worshipped their ancestors.  They practice communing with the dead, not knowing that in truth, it was not their ancestors but demons pretending to be their ancestors with whom they communicated.  God’s word says there is NO COMMUNION with the DEAD.  THE DEAD ARE DEAD.  Even the dead in Christ, lie buried in the ground until the RESURRECTION.   As the world turns its back on GOD and turns to demonic spirits, they are reinstating all the Pagan practices that brought on the FLOOD!

The Temple at Burning Man reverses this process, making grief and mourning public and shared between intimate strangers. Studies by Philippe Ariès, Peter Homans and other scholars suggest that death and loss become more bearable when the burden of mourning is taken on by a community rather than left to the individual.

That is the religion of SCIENCE.  Who do you worship GOD in Heaven? Or, the wisdom of men, which is foolishness?

Burners’ testimonies suggest that unmourned grief is overwhelming for those who cannot turn to traditional ways of collectively and publicly mourning the dead. Collective rites of passage around death and grief are designed to allow for the dead to move on and for the living to let the dead go.

That is BUNK, there are no dead spirits hanging around waiting for humans to release them.  Or, looking to resolve their unresolved issues.  When you life is over, it is over.  What you left unfinished, is out of your hands.  It is either covered by the blood, or it is not.

Most Burners identify themeslves as ‘spiritual’ but not religious, and for them the dearth of rituals for grief and mourning is especially difficult.

Of course it is, because they have no peace.  They have no peace about what will happen to their dead loved ones, and they have no peace about what will happen to themselves.  They are troubled in their spirit and they are looking to demon spirits for help.  BUT, ONLY GOD CAN HELP THEM.

Bill, one of the carpenters who worked on the Temple of Juno, suggested that ‘a lot of these people at Burning Man don’t have a structured religion to help them’. The Temple, he pointed out, provides a place in which they can ‘express their grief and joy’.

If just expressing your grief could bring relief most of those people would have had closure by now.  They certainly have been expressing their grief.  You cannot help it.  When you are hurting, it just comes out. IF not in words, in actions and in groanings.  The only way they are going to find peace is to turn to the PRINCE OF PEACE. Not to religion to the PERSON, JESUS CHRIST, TO GOD OUR HEAVENLY FATHER and TO THE PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT who leads us, guides us, comforts us, reveals all truth to us and EMPOWERS US TO STAND!

Although the Temple at Burning Man is a site for mourning, in a characteristic twist, it is also a popular location for weddings. 

Not surprising since JUNO was the goddess over marriage and reproduction.

At night, the contrasts can be keenly felt, always threatening to tip the balance of civility and warmth that Burners expect from the festival into something edgy and darker. 

The Temple of Juno, with its messages and photos of the dead, burnswhile the crowd watches.

Soon, the fire was lit and the interruptions forgotten as flames roared and the air grew unbearably hot. Dust devils spun out from the fire as the spirits of the Temple carried messages to the deadand released mourners’ grief into the dark landscape all around. As the glowing embers of the Temple faded into dust and ashes, we returned to our camps, packed up our belongings and headed home. The desert had served its purpose and our mourning was done.


Satellites capture Burning Man festival’s fire from space (photos)

The temporary Black Rock City where the annual 'radical self-expression' festival Burning Man takes place seen from space by the European Earth-observing satellite Sentinel-2.

A fire burning in the middle of the main plaza of Burning Man’s makeshift Black Rock City as seen by the European Earth-observing satellite Sentinel-2. (Image credit: Copernicus/SentinelHub/kosmi)

Satellites watched as  a temporary city sprang up in the Nevada desert, where the famed Burning Man “radical self-expression” festival kicked off on Monday (Aug. 28).

One spacecraft even caught a glimpse of some sort of fire burning on the city’s main plaza, although it wasn’t Burning Man’s main fire, which will close the festival next week.

Satellites of the U.S. Earth-observation company Maxar Technologies took daytime images of the makeshift Black Rock City, showing a circular footprint resembling an ancient Greek amphitheater. In the middle of the city is a round plaza surrounded by a series of concentric circles delineating the city’s “streets,” around which cars are parked and tents pitched.

Maxar’s spacecraft took those images on Sunday (Aug. 27), one day before the official start of the festival, which will run until next Tuesday (Sept. 5).

“Sentinel2 seems to show some kind of fire 😎🔥. Mix of greyscale visible light and SWIR [short-wave infrared],” an Earth-observation researcher who goes by the moniker kosmi said on X, formerly Twitter, under, in a post on Monday that shared the image.

Burning Man is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada some 120 miles (193 kilometers) north of Reno. The festival celebrates all forms of “radical self-expression” and “radical self-reliance,” which could be described as very unusual forms of art and communal living. Although tickets cost upward of $575, the event lists decommodification and gifting among its main principles.

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Ok, first of all the picture above looks like an egg, or a vagina, or the Black Stone of the Kaaba.  I also see the ALL SEEING EYE.  


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